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*wiggles eyebrows*

*cough* holy water. *cough*


He threw me on the bed while my body bounced twice. I laughed slightly but my laugh got cut off by his lips on mine. My hands ran through his hair, pulling ever so slightly, causing him to groan in my mouth. His hands was running over my sides and then one of his hands grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled down. I heard the shirt rip and then the heat of his body and his shirt touched my bare stomach.

I bit his lip softly while he groaned again. This time he grabbed my bottom lip with his teeth and pulled back softly. I moaned and pulled him down. I deepened the kiss and my hands went down his neck then to his back. I felt my claws come out and it was my turn to rip his shirt.

His shirt fell on top of my bare stomach and I smiled against his lips. His lips left my mouth and trailed down to the side of my neck and scrapped his teeth against it. I pushed his shirt off of me and lifted my back slightly as he removed mine from underneath. I was about to rest back down, but his hand wrapped around my bra strap and pulled hard. It ripped in his hands and he grabbed the cups and pulled up. I gasped as he his lips left my jaw. He tossed my ripped bra on the ground where our shirts were.

My nipples harder at the cool air hitting them. I bit my lip holding back the moan as his dark coal eyes looked around my chest then back to my eyes. He smiled and I saw his fangs already out. He attacked my neck and I couldn't stop the moan. I arched my back and my chest rubbed against his. I moaned again and my right hand went to his neck, where our mark laid, and I slightly touched it. Giving him shivers of delight. He moaned against my neck and I couldn't help but wrap my legs around his hips as I rubbed against him.

He was turned on. Oh yeah. He was turned on. But it's not like I'm not. His tongue stuck out and left a hot and wet trail down my neck. I moaned against as my fingers pressed harder against his mark. His hips moved forward from a jolt and that made us both moan loud. He pulled away from my neck and that's when I saw him retract his claws from his right hand and slice it through my pants. He did it fast and now my legs are met with the cool air in the room. He then did the same with my underwear and I moaned when he looked at my body.

I knew my eyes had to be black like his. It just had too. He licked his lips and then looked at me. His tongue was bleeding slightly from his fangs, but it didn't stop him from doing it again. He quickly took of his pants and his underwear too and pulled me closer to himself. I pulled his head down, and kissed him hard. This time I slammed my tongue into his mouth and fought against his.

He rested himself in between my legs while both his hands rested next to each side of my head. He pulled away and was breathing heavily, "Im-I'm-"

I shook my head, "it's okay. I'm-I'm am too." I smiled and he did too. He slammed his lips against mine and I couldn't help but smile against his.

Errr, um, maybe....never mind. Carry on. Eris said but then ended up blocking herself again.

He slowly started to move closer next to my heated core and I couldn't help but moan loud in his mouth as I felt him rub against my inner thigh. I wrapped my legs around him and started to push him closer to me. "I- I- I don't want to hurt you." He whispered as he pulled away.

"You won't. You're okay." I kissed him and trailed down to his neck and slightly kissed his mark. He moaned and slowly I felt goose bumps run all over his arms. My legs started to push him closer and when I felt him rub against me, I arched my back and my fingers dug deep in his shoulder blades.

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