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I sit back up and look around. It's a clear sky and the breeze is gentle and the pond is shimmering from the sun light hitting it. I looked around and it's the same spot i was at but different.


I stood up and looked around and my breathing got caught.

"Valdus." She growled. She walked fast towards me and i was still happy but i couldn't even think of moving right now.

She made it in front of me and she opened her arms and that's when i was going to pull her in my chest but right when were about to hug, she slapped me hard. I hissed and held my cheek.

"I didn't know my son would be stupid as his father." She growled. Her face was filled with anger and she came up to me and pushed me into the water.

I gasp as the water hits my back but i close my mouth fast and emerge into the water. I push my self up and run a hand over my face and clean off the water, "What the hell?!" I growled.

She growls back, "Don't fûckin growl at me Valdus! You know damn well why i fûckin pushed you, now get up." She said mad.

I snarl at her but i get out of the water and water drips from my hair down my face and the cool breeze starts to make me form goosebumps with this water on me.

Once I'm on my feet she slaps me again, "mom!" I yell.

"Don't yell at me Valdus! Why the hell are you here and not with your mate?! Why the hell did you fûckin slash her stomach open?! Vivens knows how to do that! Not you! You only know how to run a pack and clearly you can't even do that since you're having a family of hybrids leave and now Angelia might leave because Wilson is the only thing close to her! Can you be any more dumb! Your father-" She looks behind her and i see my dad come from behind the trees and walks over to us. "You're just like your father, you want everything your way but once someone tries to change it you get defensive and ruin things! Like he chained me for weeks! And he forced a mark on me. You did the same! But you didn't chain, you fûckin slashed her stomach open because she killed the pup. Guess what! Guess what! You might lose your mate because of your stupid action Valdus! Do you know what you did?!" She yells in my face.

My face is blank but deep down i want to scream and say yes i know what i did and i know i might lose my mate but why can't you see I'm insane?! I don't know what I'm doing anymore! I just want this to be over with now! I don't know what to do anymore!

But all i did was stare at her and then looked over to my father. He was staring at me with the same face i had on. Blank.

I looked back to my mom and her brown eyes are glowing, "say something Valdus!"

"What?! Say what! Say that i fûckin know I'm fûcked in the head! Because guess what mom! I knew that from the fûckin beginning when i was giving this damn fûckin title!" I look over to my father, "How the hell did you not go insane with this fûcked up title?! Huh!"

"I did go insane Valdus. I did go fûckin insane. But that's why you have a mate. Your mother helped me at the end i didn't fûckin cherish it when i barely recognized i had it. And it was too late. We're here for you not to be like us, but you're fuckin being fûckin retar-" He gets hit in the chest by her hand and then i look over to her.

"Go back to your mate Valdus. You're going to regret it if you just stay here and try to kill yourself. Don't be dumb. You have the rest of your life to live for. You can have another pup. I know your first born is gone but I'm dealing with that right now, it's hard for you but it's harder for your mate knowing it died inside of her. Be there for her. Make things right Valdus. Don't tell me you fûckin can't because i will fûckin beat you up if you do." She growled.

I roll my eyes but that's when you heard the slap and the sting starts to form on my left side of my cheek. "Don't fûckin roll your eyes at me Valdus." She growls.

I snap at her and she growls again, "Valdus!"

"Stop! Just stop mom! I already have so much going on and now you're fuckin snapping at me and yelling in my face and telling me what to do! I can't take it anymore! Just stop! I might fûckin kill my mate! I might fûckin die with all this slashes and the blood oozing from my wounds and now i don't know if my hybrids are leaving my pack! I can't take it anymore! Just stop!" Tears fill my eyes but my face is showing anger. I growl in frustration and rub my face and pull my hair. "I-i-i just can't take it anymore." I pull at my hair and growl.

I sit down on the grass and growl to myself. " i can't." I whispered.

I saw them come close to me but i gave them a warning growl to them. "Just please stop. Please leave me alone." I looked down to thighs and then closed my eyes. My hands were still gripping my hair tight and i didn't seem to care if it was hurting me.


"Mom. I can't. Stop."

I felt her body heat right next to me and i growled, "i don't care what you do right now Valdus but i know this is hard on you. I been watching the whole time and I've seen what you and your father do. You both put up your guards high and it's broken both of you. It broken your father completely and now it's breaking you up till there's nothing else to break. You, you need to stop and go to your mate and fix whatever you've two done, and put yourselves together as one. Clearly she's broken too, she grew as a fighter since she took care of a pack by herself. She's strong yet you don't think that Valdus. There's so much i can say and for you to do, but I'm still not the one who needs to do it. Believe in yourself Valdus." She said softly.

I took in deep breaths and i still had my eyes closed. I laid down and draped an arm over my eyes and held back the tears. I took one deep breath in and i moved my arm and open my eyes. The grey covered the sky and the wind blew harshly against me. I stood up and that's when i shifted and ran back to Aphrodite.



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Anyway see you guys soon!!

Anyway see you guys soon!!SS

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