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I stared at him in shocked as the branch stayed in between his chest. He looked at me with wide eyes and his mouth open trying for him to breathe. I shook my head and my mouth quivered. His hand weakly wrapped around the thick branch and his finger would just rub against it.

I took a step towards him but I turn around and shift, jumping on him and biting down on his neck. He tried to push me off but I bit down hard and pulled back ripping out his throat. I shifted as he looked at me with wide eyes and grabbed his neck but he fell on his knees and fell forward. Wilson looked at him with wide eyes while I was breathing hard.

"Get off my land Wilson. Get off and never, ever come back." I growled. He looked back to me and shook his head.

"GET OUT!" I growled. I walked towards him having my claws coming out, ready to strike him.

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" He yelled but I just shook my head and turned around and ran towards my dad. Helmer was breaking the branch already so I rushed and helped him. I grabbed my fathers hand and he weakly grasp mine. I didn't know what to do! Do I pull him off? Do I just leave him there?!



What?! What is it Alpha?!?

I need you to come to the training field! Right now-

I can't Alpha-

Don't give me that fûckin crap! Come here!!

Alpha I can't! The Luna needs my help! I can't go!

My heart's pounding and my hands start to shake. I tighten my hold on his hand and I hear the tree branch snap and that's when he fell. I went to catch him but the branch that went through him was in the way. He landed with a light gasp and I had to push back the tears that were begging to come and fall.

I rushed around the branch and my shaky hands held him up as he legs bended. Helmer went to break more of the branch and I looked into his eyes. His eyes were hooded and he looked at me while blinking slowly. He tried to talk but all he did was make himself cough.

I shook my head and I closed my eyes and held his hand tight. I knew what was going to happen but I'm not ready for it.

He gave my hand a squeeze and that's when I bursted into tears. "Val-" he coughed again and I open my eyes looking at him with a blurry vision. I shook my head and his face was already pale. He gasp and tried to take a deep breath but he would only make himself cough even more. He started to cough up blood and my hand tighten around his but I was shaking so he was shaking with me too.

"I'm- I'm....going-" he started to have a cough attack and gasp for air.

I shook my head. "Stop talking dad." I said as I sobbed and my voice cracked. I looked over to Helmer and I see him gone and see him yelling at Wilson who's yelling at him and Angelia. I looked back to my father and he gives me a weak smile.

"I'm going...going to see....Jenna." He smiled and he was starting to breath slowly.

"You can't leave me dad. Not yet. Please." I sobbed. My hand went to the branch and I held it tight wanting to pull it out of him but I knew he would be in more pain and it would kill him right there.

"I'm going to see Jenna." He whispered. He looked at me and this is the first time in forever since I seen his eyes hold happiness. He gave me one more big smile and a weak nod. "You'll be fine...I love you Valdus." He said weakly.

I shook my head and bit my lip. More tears fell and I placed one hand on his cheek and shook his head slightly. "You're not leaving me. You're not dad." He blinked and opened his mouth but he started to cough again and cough up blood. I sobbed and he gave my one last squeeze before his life in his eyes went away.

His hand went limp in mine and I sobbed loud. I placed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes tight. Crying knowing my father had left me.

What have I done.



"PLEASE!" I yelled while I sobbed. "Please!"

"Luna. I'm sorry." He said as he tried to make his voice strong but failed.

"I can't lose my pup! I just can't!" I sobbed.

"Luna, I looked at your pup and the way he kicked you, twisted her neck. I'm sorry Luna." He said as a few tears slipped out from his eyes.

Just hearing those words made my world come crashing down at me hard. I sobbed into my hands while he tried to rub my back but I gave low and weak growl at him. He instantly stopped and left me to be by myself.

How am I so stupid?!

How am I so selfish?!

How can I put my own pup in danger just because I wanted revenge?!?

Why can't I listen to everyone?!?

I don't deserve to be anyone's mate, not even Valdus'.

I couldn't even take care of the packs next Alpha. I had to do one job and I failed at doing so.

My hands went away from my face and went down to my stomach. My hands softly went on it and I cried even louder.



Oh yeah, I'm the reason why.

I didn't even listen to my own wolf. I didn't even listen to my mates father. I didn't even listen to my own mate.

And I killed my pup.

I killed my mates pup.

I killed my packs next Alpha.

Might as well kill me too.

How can a mother live knowing she was the one that killed her child, her blood, her DNA, her happiness?

How can I live?

How can I live knowing the hate I'll get from my mate and from my pack.

How can I live knowing the pack would look at me with hate knowing I was the reason why their next Alpha died before even breathing on this world because of me.

How can I live.


And cue the credits.

Cue grabbing the tissue boxes.

Cue hating me.

Not a good time to sip tea you know.....

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Anyway see you guys soon..


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