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14 / Original Songs

"Guy's, I've got some bad news. You know how we decided on Sing by My Chemical Romance for Regionals?" Will Schuester asked the Glee Club as everyone watched him look down at the paper he held, "Well I hold in my hand, a cease and desist letter from the band, we can't do it." Will said with disappointment lacing his voice.

"But that was the perfect anthem." Puck said as Mercedes looked at Will, "How much do you want to bet that Coach Sylvester had something to do with this." She said as Will looked at her and frowned, "One step ahead of you. I confronted her about the letter and she admitted that she got the drummer to agree to not let us sing the song." He said as Paris scoffed.

"Do you actually think Sue Sylvester got the drummer to sign off on this? I mean let's get real here, Sue is known for her lies, I say we sing it anyways." Paris said with a shrug as Will looked at her and frowned. "I totally agree that it may be a lie but, we don't know for sure so we can't risk it. If we did sing this and My Chemical Romance found out, do you know how much trouble we'd get in? There would be no Glee Club anymore."

"So what are we going to do now?" Mercedes asked as Rachel went back to her original idea, "I think we should write original songs for Regionals." She said as Santana rolled her eyes, "All those in favor for voting Rachel down for a second time." Santana said as people started to raise their hands and Quinn shook her head.

"No I think Rachel is right." She said as Paris turned around in her seat to get a good look at Quinn to see if she was okay. Quinn hated Rachel so it was weird to see her agreeing with Rachel. "This team works best when we push ourselves and do something a little different." Quinn said as everyone started to out their hands down and started to think about the idea.

"That's true but if all the other teams are doing amazing songs, we're not going to be so good." Mercedes said as Quinn looked at her with a bitchy smile, "You're right, we're not going to be as good, we're going to be better. We won't be using other people's words or music, it'll be our own. Are own heart and soul, not just our voices. We have a really good writer in our midst, Rachel." She said as Paris narrowed her eyes at the girl, she was up to something.

"I was thinking we could write a song together." Quinn said as Rachel looked at her with a surprised smile as Finn began to speak. "I'm with Quinn and Rachel. I mean if these two could agree on something, it's probably an idea worth consideration." He said.

"Wow, wait. So suddenly you two are writing the music for Regionals? No way! I think everyone should get a chance to write a song." Santana said and Sam nodded his head, "Santana's right, we can do this." He said as Paris smiled to herself, she could finally show off her amazing song writing talent.

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