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For the past two weeks all anyone could seem to talk about was Paris Hudson, or as the whole school now called her, Slutty Hudson. Which, by the way, was the dumbest nickname ever. But none of that mattered to Paris because she needed to focus all of her attention on winning Nationals.

"What's going on?" Will asked as he busted through the door of the girls hotel room. "how bad is it?" He asked as he saw Mercedes laying in the bed, sick. "Her temperature is a hundred and one degree's and given the fact that wheezy is complaining about an upset stomach, it's either Amazonian dengue fever or the H1N super virus." Sue said as Paris rolled her eyes at how dramatic the woman was being.

"Or I have food poisoning." Mercedes said with a weak voice as Santana started to explain what happened, "We all wanted burritos for lunch so we went to Chipotle, but Mercedes tried some dive called "Senora Salsation." She explained as Paris turned towards the sick girl with an annoyed look.

"I told you that place looked sketchy but no, no one ever listens to Paris." Paris said as she sat down next to Tina on the bed across from Mercedes. "Will, word please." Sue said as she stood up and she and Will backed away from the group, as all the girls hovered over Mercedes, hoping to help her get better.

"So here's what's going to happen; Mercedes, you're on bed rest, Quinn, you're stepping in." Will said as Quinn shook her head, "No, no, no, I can't dance that number, I can't sing it either, not like -" Quinn started but Will didn't have time for her many excuses.

"The trouble Tones need you."

"And you're better than you think you are." Tina said with a small smile as everyone nodded their heads at her comment. Ever since last week when Tina threw a big fit about not getting the attention she deserved, her attitude had completely changed for the better. She was throwing compliments whenever she could and she even helped Rachel out with Carmen Tipideaux.

"Tina, you too. You're in the Trouble Tones." Will said as Tina nodded her head. "Mr. Schue, this is my last competition. I don't want to miss it." Mercedes said as she sat up in the bed with a large frown. "Amen to that sister. That's why I'm putting you on a vitamin B-12 drip. We're flushing your system with pedialyte, and I'm gonna fill that bathtub with ice and see if we can't get your ambient body temperature back down to normal, worked in Jacob's Ladder." Sue said as she made her way to the bathroom.

"All right, we all have our marching orders. Let's do it." Will said as all the girls except Mercedes left the room and went down stairs to the room the hotel allowed them to practice in. The guys were already downstairs waiting for them when they arrived.

"It's about time. We're working on our first number." Finn said as the girls nodded their heads and got into their places. Paris let out a deep sigh as she got into her spot, which just had to be right beside Sam. "Alright, here we go." Beiste said as she clapped her hands together. She saw him roll his eyes but she chose to ignore it as the music began to play and they began following the routine.

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