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"We need to talk." Kurt said as he looked into the girl's room to see her at her desk writing in her notebook. Paris rolled her eyes at his voice as she stood up and walked towards the door, giving him a fake smile as she tried to close the door, but Kurt's foot stopped it from closing all the way.

Paris groaned as she opened her door and glared at the boy standing in front of her, "What could you possibly need to talk about?" Paris asked as she let him come into her room and Kurt stepped in, shutting the door behind him.

"As you know I may or may not be going to New York and I don't want to leave knowing that you're mad at me." Kurt said as Paris scoffed and took a seat at her desk, "Well maybe if you hadn't of told Sam after you promised me you wouldn't tell him, we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we?" Paris asked as she spun around in her chair, not really caring for what Kurt had to say.

"Listen." Kurt said as he stopped the chair, putting his hand on either side of the chair. "I know what I did was wrong, but it was for the best. I saw how bad you were hurting because of it, you looked so miserable whenever you were with him because of all the guilt. So, I told him, so you didn't have to, because you are my friend and I knew you couldn't do it."

Paris stared at him blankly, not sure what to say or do. Kurt looked at her, waiting for her to respond but it never came. He let out a frustrated groan and let go of the chair, "Paris, say something because this silent treatment is too much!" Kurt said as he put his hands on his head, lightly tugging on his hair. "Thank you." Paris said, barely above a whisper.

Kurt looked at her confused, not thinking he had heard right, but he did. "What?" Kurt asked shocked as Paris stood up from her chair and walked towards Kurt, "Thank you." Paris repeated, making sure he had heard it this time.

"For...?" Kurt asked, still not sure why she was thanking him. "Thank you, Kurt Hummel, for betraying me and showing me that you are not my real friend. Now get out of my room." Paris said as Kurt's jaw fell to the floor, but Paris didn't care, she just followed him to the door and slammed it in his face, not caring how loud it was.


It was the last week of school until summer break and Paris couldn't have been more excited. She was ready to see where the summer took her. Paris was on her phone, scrolling through twitter as Mercedes, Rachel, Artie, Kurt and Tina were doing some performance she didn't care for.

"That was the most ghetto number I have ever seen." Santana said as Artie threw his hands up, "Then just call me George Jefferson, because we went from the ghetto to the penthouse. National champs, baby!" He said as everyone cheered as they took a seat around the room.

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