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33/ Prom-A-Saurus

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33/ Prom-A-Saurus

It was Prom week and Paris was dateless.

She and Sam still hadn't spoke to each other in a week, which was probably because Paris had avoided him every chance she got, just like she did with all of her problems. "Oh, what about this one?" Carole asked as she lifted up an ugly neon yellow dress and Paris quickly shook her head no, making Carole roll her eyes.

"Paris, we've been here for hours. If you don't find a dress in the next thirty minutes I'm going to strangle you." Carole said as Paris sighed and started to look through the racks of dresses hoping to find one that she liked.

"You know, maybe if you didn't wait till the week of, we would've found the perfect dress but no, you like to be diffi-" Carole started but Paris cut her mother off by showing her the dress she held in her hand, "found it." Paris said with a large smile as she watched her mom start to tear up and Paris let out a groan.

"Mom, stop! You do this every year." Paris whined as she looked at Carole who was wiping away her tears. "I know, I know. It's just my little baby is growing up, you know?" Carole said as she gave Paris a big hug and kissed her on the top of her head. "Can we just get this and leave?" Paris asked as her Carole smiled and nodded, "Sure honey."

"So has Sam asked you yet?" Carole asked as the two finally got back home and Paris groaned, hoping they wouldn't be talking about this. "No mom, Sam has not asked me yet because we are still not on good terms." Paris said as Carole rolled her eyes at her daughter.

"Are you serious? Its been what? A week, maybe more? Honey, I know I've taught you better than this. You two need to talk about your fight, make up, be happy, go to prom." Carole said to her daughter and Paris frowned, knowing her mother was right.

"I hate when you're right."


The familiar chime of Becky playing her xylophone for the morning announcements played as Sue Sylvester started to speak, "Good morning McKinley High. First of all, to those of you thoughtful enough to leave maternity gifts outside my office, both I and my unborn child thank you for your lackluster Cracker Barrel meat and cheese medleys, and I'm sure that my trash can will find them delicious. Now it's time to announce this years Senior Prom Court nominees." Sue said as Paris rolled her eyes at all the students cheering throughout the school.

"Your choices for Prom King are, Rick "The Stick" Nelson, President Brittany S. Pierce that's weird, and also Finn Hudson. And now on to the category we all really care about; Prom Queen." Sue said as Becky started to yell into the microphone, "Becky for Prom Queen 2012!"

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