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It was finally Sectionals week and Paris had a lot on her mind. The concert was coming up next week, which she was nervous for, and Sectionals was coming up and Finn was still having a hard time coming up with there set list. "Guess who." A familiar voice teased the Hudson girl as they placed their hands over her eyes. "Puck?!" Paris shouted as she pushed his hands off her face an stood up to see Noah Puckerman standing in front of her with his goofy smile. "The one and only." He said as he opened his arms and Paris jumped in them, hugging him as tight as she could.

"I've missed you!" Paris said as Puck let go and she slapped his chest, "Why haven't you visited me sooner?" She said with a playful glare as Puck rolled his eyes and four other familiar faces walked up to Paris. "Mike, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana? What are you guys doing here?" Paris asked as she gave them all hugs. "We all promised each other we'd come back for the Holidays and last night at dinner Finn asked us for our help." Mercedes explained as Puck wrapped his arm around Paris as she felt her phone start to ring.

"We're actually heading to Glee Club right now, if you want to join us." Puck said as Paris shook her head and slowly removed his arm from around her shoulders, "Actually, I have some things I need to do but I'll catch up with you guys later?" Paris said as she didn't wait for an answer from them as she gathered her things as she looked down to see Scooter was calling her. "Hello?" Paris said as she answered the phone, scared of why he was calling her. "So, I made a little mistake on the schedule..." Scooter said as Paris' eyebrows furrowed, wondering what the mistake could possible be.

"The concert is actually this week, we've been busy here for a while and I had a chance to finally look over the dates and its this Friday, not next." Scooter explained as Paris' mouth flew open and her eyes grew big, "This Friday?" Paris asked, even though she already knew the answer. This Friday was Sectionals, how could she possibly miss her last one to perform for Justin Bieber? But, it is Justin Bieber and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. "Yes, is that going to be a problem?" Scooter asked, sounded even more worried than Paris.

"I-I don't kn- can I have a day to think about it? I have a really big competition this Friday." Paris bit her lip nervously as tears grew in her eyes and she started to fidget nervously. "Can you figure it out by tonight? If not, I'm sorry to say this, but we're going to have to find someone else." Paris' breath hitched in her throat as tears fell down her eyes, "Yeah, I understand. I'll let you know by tonight." The two said their goodbyes and Paris hung up the phone as she wiped her tears off her face.


"Finn, can I talk to you after class?" Paris whispered to her brother at the beginning of class and he looked at her worriedly, "Is everything alright? You've been crying." Finn said, causing everyone in the room to look her, making her look at the ground embarrassedly, "I'm fine." She said as she aggressively bumped his shoulder as she went and took her seat in the back of the room by herself.

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