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Valentines Day.

The day that Paris had been dreading since the first of February. She sat in the back of the choir room as all the couples in the room sat beside each other, hugging or kissing. "Alright everybody, let's hear it for love." Will said as he made his way to the board  and drew a heart around the words , 'Worlds Greatest Love Songs'.

Everyone cheered as he continued to speak, "Your assignment for Valentines week is to find and perform the worlds greatest love songs. Now Regionals is next week and we still need to raise two hundred and fifty dollars  for costumes and hairspray." Will said as Kurt groaned, "Oh God not a bake sale." He muttered bitterly as Paris nodded her head in agreement but Will ignored the two and continued to speak.

"If any student gives us ten dollars we will sing these  world greatest love songs to their valentine. We will serenade each classroom-"

"No!" Everyone in the group shouted as Rachel happily shouted out a yes and Tina glared at the girl. "Two years ago we went room to room Christmas caroling and they threw food." She said as Sugar raised her hand. "And shoes." Mike added as Will rolled his eyes at the couple and called on Sugar.

"Here's a spoonful of sugar for you all. Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small when you're rich." She said as she got up and handed Will a large stack of money. "Uh, Sugar I can't take that." Will said as Paris rolled her eyes and groaned. "I swear to God Will Schuester if you do not grab that cash I will literally strangle you." She said as Will sighed and grabbed the money.

"Okay, everyone give it up for Sugar." He shouted as everyone cheered. "I love the sound of applause, even I I have to buy it." Sugar said with a large smile as Paris rolled her eyes. "Okay everyone, look under your chairs. Except you Artie, your chair kept moving so I hid your surprise in the wastebasket." She said as Paris reached under her chair and grabbed a small heart filled with chocolates and she immediately started to eat them with no shame.

"I found mine ten minutes ago." Puck said as Paris turned to see he had chocolate all over his face and she rolled her eyes at how childish he was as Sugar started to speak. "V-Day is my fave day ever. And to help me celebrate my  Daddy's throwing me a huge re dec party at Breadstix. And I'm naming it the Sugar Shack, and drumroll Rachel." She said as Rachel started to play the drums and Paris rolled her eyes at how extra this girl was.

"You're all invited. Oh but you have to bring a date, no single people allowed." She said as Paris instantly looked at Sam to see he was already staring at her and she  quickly looked away from him as Sugar continued to speak. "They're sad and boring and they don't exist in my world." She said as she put her sunglasses on and Paris looked at her confused as Mercedes spoke up.

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