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21/I am Unicorn & Asian F

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21/I am Unicorn & Asian F

"Ah, Paris Hudson. Just the person I was looking for." A woman - who Paris didn't recognize - said to her as she approached the girl at her locker. "I'm sorry, and you are?" Paris asked as she slammed her locker door closed as she turned her full body towards the woman. "I'm Shelby Corcoran and I have an offer for you." Shelby said as she pulled out a container filled with Sushi and Paris looked at her with a smirk, "You've got my full attention." Paris said as she grabbed the container and followed the woman to a somewhat empty room that had a piano in the middle of it.

"I'm sure you know Sugar Motta." Shelby said as Paris looked to see the walking in with a smile and Paris nodded her head as Shelby continued to speak. "Well Sugar's father has given the school a lot of money to start an all girls Glee group and Sugar wanted you to be the first recruit." Shelby said as she took a seat on the piano bench and Paris looked at Sugar confused.

"I thought you said that I sucked ass." Paris said as she narrowed her eyes at the girl and crossed her arms over her chest. "No, I said that the ones singing in the cafeteria sucked and as I recall you weren't apart of that bunch." Sugar said as Shelby looked at Sugar and told her to be quiet.

"So the question is, will you join us?" Shelby asked as Paris shrugged her shoulders, not having anything to lose. "When can we start?" Paris asked with a smirk and Shelby and Sugar smiled at her. "Well we're going to need new members soon but for right now we need to help Sugar." She said and Paris nodded her head in agreement.

"Well seeing as I can't do much with the Sugar problem, I'm going to see if I can recruit more members." Paris said as she put the Sushi in her bag and walked towards the place she knew best, the cafeteria.

When she walked in, she saw Mercedes sitting alone with her boyfriend and even though Paris really didn't like the girl, she knew that Mercedes is one of the best vocalists in Glee Club and she is the least appreciated in the group.

"Look I'm not here to start any drama, alright?" Paris said as she took a seat and Mercedes and her boyfriend looked at Paris weirdly as she pulled out her sushi and took a bite before she started to speak. "Okay so I realize that we have bad blood at the moment but I'm willing to put that all behind us if you just listen to me for a second." Paris said and Mercedes looked at Paris, still not saying anything.

"Mercedes, I believe you deserve better," Paris started as Mercedes and her boyfriend glared at her and Mercedes finally spoke up. "Excuse me?" Mercedes asked and Paris realized what she had said and shook her head. "That's not what I meant, I mean in Glee Club. You have an amazing voice and I think you don't get enough credit." Paris said and Mercedes rolled her eyes.

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