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13/Blame it on the Alcohol

For the past few weeks Paris found herself going to school, the Glee practice, and after that, she spent her time writing songs. She would've never started writing again unless Rachel Berry hadn't given William Schuester the great idea to allow us to sing original songs at Regionals.

Although he didn't agree with Rachel, Paris was still writing songs because it allowed her to get her mind off Santana and Sam. She had written her feelings down in the songs and it helped out a lot. "Did you hear?" A voice asked from behind her, making her flinch and scribble on her song book.

She angrily turned around to see Noah Puckerman standing behind her with an overly large smile on his face, "Let me guess, you finally go Lauren to sleep with you?" She asked as she closed her book and put it back into her backpack.

Puck scoffed at her answer, "I wish." He mumbled and Paris rolled her eyes at the boy and she stood up and perched her backpack on her shoulder. "Alright then, if that's not what you're so excited about Puckerman, then what is?" She asked as she quirked her eyebrow at the tall boy and they started to make their way down the hallway.

"Rachel is throwing a party at her house." He said which made Paris laugh out loud, she knew Rachel Berry and partying wasn't her thing. Singing and overachieving was. "There's no way Rachel is throwing a party because the Rachel Berry I know hasn't even had her first sip of alcohol yet."

"Well you better believe it Hudson, it's happening and you're coming with me since Lauren won't." He said as Paris shook her head at the boy. "Oh how romantic, I love being every guy's second choice." She said as she turned away from Puck and made her way to the last class of the day, hoping and praying the party will be fun or at least have some, or a lot, of alcohol.


"Puck we've literally been here for five minutes and the music isn't good, we only get two drinks, and did I mention that the music sucks?" Paris asked Puck who sighed and agreed with the girl. "If I knew it was going to be this boring I wouldn't have told everybody to come." He said as the two watched Kurt, Blaine, and Finn walk down the steps.

"So, this is your Dads' Oscar Room" She heard Kurt ask and Paris loudly groaned and Rachel glared at the girl who was now walking towards the group. "Kurt if you loved me, you would stop talking about to 'Oscar Room' right now. She has talked about it to everyone who has walked down those steps." She said as Kurt laughed and pulled the girl into a hug.

Although the two lived in the same house, the two hadn't seen each other that much since they now go to different schools and hang out with different friends. "They transformed out the ordinary basement for our famous annual Oscar parties." Rachel told the group and Paris groaned and looked at Kurt, "You just had too, huh?" She asked as Rachel jokingly hit her shoulder in mock hurt.

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