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3.0. / Grilled Cheesus

It all started a week ago, Paris was lying in bed thinking of Sam Evans and she decided to ask her brother for his number. As she made her way towards his room, she opened the door to find her brother on his knees, praying to half of a grilled cheese.

"What the hell?" She semi yelled and Finn jumped up, scared at not knowing his sister was in the room with him. She saw as his face grew red with embarrassment and he began to explain to the girl but she stopped in, "Actually Finn, I don't really care. Can I have Sam's number?"

Ever since Finn had rejoined the football team, Sam and him have gotten closer which gave Paris the perfect opportunity to get closer to the Evans boy too. But, her plan wasn't going so well as she watched her brother shake his head no and he quickly stood up, "P, he's my friend and you can't have him. I stepped back for you and Puck and you ended up leaving Ohio to go to New York because of him"

Paris grew hurt at his words and she slammed his door shut and stomped back to her room and slammed her door too and she made sure to lock it behind her because she had a feeling Finn would come in sooner or later and apologize but she wasn't having it. Paris had never admitted to herself that the only reason she left was because her and Puck had a nasty break up but it was true. The Puckerman boy had cheated on her multiple times and she still stayed with him, even when her brother told her all of the horrible things he had done to her but finally Paris left him and the next day she left Lima, too.

Paris rolled her eyes as she heard her brother knock on her door hoping she would let him in but she only yelled go away. With a sigh, Finn turned around and went back to his room, knowing the girl wouldn't open the door and he went back to praying to his grilled cheese, "Alright where was I?" He asked himself as he got back down on his knee's and looked down at his sandwich, "- So please Grill Cheesus, please let us win our first football game. It would mean so much to Artie, and I think you kind of owe it to him. I mean, you did sort of screw him in the leg department. And in return, Cheesy Lord I'll make sure we honor you this week in Glee Club. Thank you, Grilled Cheesus."

It was time's like these, that Paris wished she had lived with Kurt all the time so she could go talk to her best friend, but she didn't so decided to shut her eyes and get some sleep and hope that she would Kurt the next day.


Paris had still been avoiding Finn, so she decided to go with Kurt to see Burt and give him his food, "Hey, Dad" Kurt said walking towards the man with a brown papered bag and Paris trailed behind him, looking at all the cars and car parts. She hadn't been to Burt's work before and now that she has, she was ready to go. She wasn't into cars or getting dirty.

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