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9.0/Special Education

Paris walked in the Glee room right before the bell rang and an overwhelmed Will Schuester walked in with a few books in his hand and at the sight of him, Rachel stood up with a smile, "Mr. Schuester, I have an announcement. I've selected the perfect moving ballad for Finn and I to sing to launch our performance at sectionals" Rachel said and Paris held back her rude comments because she was trying to be nice to the girl for a change.

"Me first." Will started as he sat his books down and turned to everyone, "Two things. First, our competition at sectionals are your classic stool choirs. Great voices, but they don't move. Now, if we're gonna beat them, Dance." Schuester said as he walked closer to the group and continued, "Which is why I've decided to feature Brittany and Mike Chang's sweet moves in our performance." He said as everyone congratulated the two dancers.

"Wait, they're gonna dance in front of me while I sing my solo?" Rachel asked and Paris rolled her eyes at her. Rachel was making it hard for Paris to like her, "You're not getting a solo for this competition, Rachel." Will said and Paris struggled to hold back the smirk that was threatening to form on her face, "Finally. So what song do I get to sing?" Mercedes asked and Paris was about to comment on how she wanted the solo but Will cut her off.

"I was thinking that the winners of our duets competitions would take the leads." Will said as he pointed towards Quinn and Sam, "Ken and Barbie?" Rachel asked in disbelief and Paris couldn't help but snort at the nickname she had given the two, "Wait, a-are you trying to throw this?" Rachel said and everyone except Paris rolled their eyes at the girl. Paris didn't because she had agreed with Rachel, Quinn had a baby voice and Sam sounded way better with her than Quinn.

"You used to be just sort of unlikable but now I pretty much feel like punching you every time you open your mouth." Quinn said and Rachel looked away from Quinn with a displeased look and Will decided to interrupt the feud that was going on between the two, "Okay, listen. I have talked the talk about everyone in here feeling special for over a year now but, frankly, I haven't walked the walk. I mean, we have got a lot of talent here, and I'm gonna highlight it."

"Look, I'm all for pumping up the team making everyone feel special, but that's for practice. You don't take the star quarterback out before the big game." Finn said as Rachel agreed with him. "Easy to say when you're the star quarterback." Tina said as Finn rolled his eyes at the girl who was sitting beside him, "This isn't just about me. This is about the team."

"You are such a hypocrite." Paris heard Santana say and she turned to the Latina girl with a glare, "Oh like you eve know what that means" Paris said and Santana turned towards Paris, "It means that your brother is full of crap" She said and Paris was about to reply but Rachel had abruptly stood up with a glare, "You know what? Ever since the wedding, you've been up mine and Paris' butt, and I'm sick of it." Rachel said and Paris' eyebrows lifted, surprised that Rachel was standing up for her and herself.

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