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22/Pot 'o Gold

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22/Pot 'o Gold

Paris could tell that her brother, Finn, had been spying on her. He would follow her wherever she and Mercedes went and he would constantly ask questions about the new Glee club she had joined. She had even found him going through her phone and at that point, she knew that what he was going way too far.

Paris walked down the hallway with a smirk, knowing her brother was following her. She saw the Latina cheerleader at her locker and she made her way towards the girl, "Hi Santana." Paris said with an overly large smile and Santana side-eyed the girl. "How many solos did you get last year in Glee Club?" Paris asked as Santana shrugged, "A few."

"One, Valorie." Paris said, correcting her. "And I loved it." Paris said as Santana looked at the girl as some of her confidence was shredded, "I was also the Lips in Rocky Horror." Santana said with a slight shrug. "Listen, if you and I were in Shelby's group we'd get all the solos and the duets, are voices sound amazing together. Plus, it's an all-girl group." Paris said and Santana shut her locker and the two started to walk down the hall.

"And why would I care about all girls?" Santana asked. "It's all lady power all the times. And Shelby is a great teacher. I'm hitting all these notes I didn't even know existed. She gets me what I have to give, it feels good." Paris said as Santana slowly came to a stop and she frowned.

"You know, honestly, I wish I could but someone's got to look out for Brittney. I mean that special place where she lives, yeah, it's beautiful but someone's got to help her cross the street. I could never just leave her." Santana said with a sad smile and Paris smiled as she saw her brother through the corner of her eye trying to eavesdrop.

"Get her to come with you." Paris said as she smiled at the girl and then turned to her brother as she gave him a large smirk and she turned and walked around the corner to see Puckerman walking towards her. "Look I know we're supposed to be sworn enemies right now but I have news." Puck said as Paris smiled at him and the two started to walk to their next class, which happened to be together.

"What's your good news and does it have anything to do with me?" Paris asked as she stopped and quirked her eyebrows at the boy. "Sorry to say, but this has nothing to do with you, unless you want to join. It's about Beth, Shelby's letting us babysit her tomorrow night." He said excitedly and Paris gave him a hug.

"That's great Puck!" Paris said as she smiled up at him, "I swear, if I knew having a baby with you would've changed you, I would've done it years ago." She joked, knowing it sounded terrible but Puck still laughed. "But I know that Beth is yours and Quinn's daughter and I don't want to intrude so you two better go watch Beth as if your life depends on it." Paris said as the two walked into their class and went their separate ways.

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