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"Okay favorite Michael Jackson moment, go." Blaine said as Paris took a sip of her coffee, trying hard to pay attention to the conversation that was going on around her. It was Michael Jackson week for the Glee Club but Paris was still bummed about what Sam had said to even be excited like all of her friends. "When I was one my Mom showed me the VHS tape of his Motown special and when he did the moonwalk across the stage, for the first time in history, I uttered my first words. Hot damn."

"I owe the King of Pop a deep debt of gratitude. He's the first one to pull off the sequined military jacket, long before one Kurt Hummel made it iconic." Kurt said which made Paris smile slightly as he looked towards her. He, like everyone else, noticed something was up with Paris but she wouldn't talk to anyone which made him even more worried about her.

"I have to be honest, I never really got him." Rachel spoke up, making everyone look at her as if she were crazy. "And we are no longer speaking terms." Artie said to the girl and she frowned and started to explain herself. "No I think he's an amazing performer but I never really, got what he's about." Rachel said which made Paris look at the girl as if she were crazy.

"Rachel, he's best friends with Liza Minnelli and Liz Taylor." Paris said, making everyone look at her even more shocked than when they heard Rachel say she didn't understand Michael Jackson. That was the first time she spoke up since they all got there, she didn't even order her own coffee, Kurt had to do it for her. 

"No, all I'm saying is that I just, I haven't connected with him the way that I have with likes of Barbra or either of the Stephens." She said as Artie looked at her confused, not having any clue as to who the Stephens were. "Sondheim, Schwartz."

"I'd throw this mocha at your face but it's not nearly scolding enough." Santana said as Rachel sat up in her seat. "Okay, since you guys are so jazzed about him, I think he's a good idea for Regionals." Rachel said, finally making peace with the group as the familiar Warbler came up to the group with a smirk, "Well that might not be the best idea." Sebastian said as Paris looked up at the boy who was smiling at her, "Hey Paris, hey Blaine, everyone else."

"Does he live here or something? Seriously you are always here." Kurt said in annoyed tone as he looked around at everyone while Artie looked up at Sebastian confused, "Why don't you think it's a good idea?" He asked as Sebastian's smirk grew. "Because we're doing MJ at Regionals. You see, the Warblers drew first position so as soon as I heard what your plan was, I changed our set list accordingly." He said as everyone -except for Paris- looked at him shocked.

"I'm sorry, how did you hear?" Rachel asked as she slammed her cup on the table and Paris noticed Blaine shift uncomfortably in his seat as Sebastian turned towards him and Paris rolled her eyes, knowing it was him who told. "Blaine told me this morning, I just called for a tip on how to get red wine out of my blazer piping and he would not stop going on about it." Sebastian said as everyone turned towards him wondering why in the hell he would do that.

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