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38/The Break-Up

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38/The Break-Up

"Aw, young love." Brittany said, making Paris look up from her salad to see her and Blaine looking at Marley and Jake. "Do you remember when you first started dating Santana and I started dating Kurt? Back before everyone wasn't so busy and so far away, things were so much simpler. We had so much more hope and innocence. Everyday was just like valentine's day." Paris couldn't help but scoff at their conversation. "But we're still young, shouldn't we still be experiencing those things?" Brittany asked, making Paris rolled her eyes as she held back the smart comments that was at the tip of her tongue.

Paris had to admit, ever since Brittany came over to her house to hang out with Sam, she couldn't hardly stand the blonde headed girl, and Paris hated herself because of it. Not only was Paris in a bitter mood because of Brittany sitting across from her, acting as if she hadn't just hung out with her ex-boyfriend, but Hunter hadn't texted her since he left her house, making Paris worry that she had did something wrong.

"You know what? Screw love and relationships because so far, they've done nothing for me except cause heartbreak and misery." Paris said as she grabbed her things and threw her trash away as she exited the cafeteria. She stormed down the hallway, not caring about anyone who got in her way as she glared at the ground. "Wow there, might want to slow down." Someone joked as Paris bumped into their chest, not hearing them as she fell back and the person grabbed ahold of her shoulders.

Paris looked up to see a blond headed guy looking at her with a crooked smile. He reminded her of a young Justin Bieber with his long blond hair that he had to constantly push out of his face. His smile was very contagious, making her glare slowly fade as a small smile appeared on her face, "Sorry, I should've watched where I was going." Paris said as she adjusted her bag that fell off her shoulder from the impact of the two crashing into one another. "No, no. It's fine. I probably should've moved out of the way once I saw you angrily walking down the hallway like that." He joked, making Paris' cheeks grow red from embarrassment.

She shouldn't have been acting like that but, like always, Sam Evans just had that effect on her. The guy noticed how embarrassed she was about his joke, so he quickly changed the subject as he stuck his hand out for Paris to shake, "I'm Ryder Lynn, I just transferred here." He said as Paris nodded her head and shook his hand, "And I'm Paris Hudson." She said with a smile as the two continued to walk side by side down the hallway.

"So what grade are you in Ryder?" Paris asked as they stopped at her locker so she could grab her things for her next class. "I'm a sophomore." A smirk appeared on her face as she thought about Marley. Ryder and Marley would be cute together plus Ryder didn't seem to be a player like Jake. "You know, I have this friend I think you'll like really well." Paris said as Jake raised his eyebrows, interested in what she was saying.

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