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 29/Big Brother

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29/Big Brother

For the past few days Paris had found herself at the hospital with Quinn making sure she was going to be okay but she was told to go home and get some rest before she could find out anything. So, she did just what the doctors and Quinn's parents said to do and she was currently doing as she laid in her bed bundled up in her blanket, looking up at her ceiling.

She let out a heavy sigh as she faced her wall and closed her eyes, trying to get a little bit of sleep but her thoughts stopped her from doing so. That, and the fact that she heard her door start to slowly creak open. When she sat up and looked towards her door she saw a sleepy Sam Evans standing in her doorway with a tired smile.

"I heard you come in so I wanted to check to see if you were okay." He said as we walked towards her bed and she moved over so he would have room. "Sam, you didn't have to. Its almost two in the morning and we have school tomorrow." Paris said as Sam rolled his eyes and pulled her closer to him as the two laid down facing each other.

"Sam, if Finn or my Mom and Burt walked in here right now, they'd kill us both." Paris whispered to him as Sam placed his finger over her lips telling her to be quiet. "I made sure Finn was asleep before I came in here and your Mom and Burt fell asleep hours ago." He said reassuring her.

Paris nodded her head as she placed her head on his chest and the two sat in silence until her stomach made a loud noise, interrupting the two and Sam looked at Paris concerned, "When was the last time you ate?" He asked as he sat back up and Paris let out a groan as she tried to get him to lay back down but he wouldn't budge.

"Paris you need to eat." He said with a stern look as she rolled her eyes and sat up too. "Sam it's two in the morning! We're going to wake up everyone in the house." Paris said as she tried to think of more excuses but Sam rolled his eyes and helped Paris stand up, "Then we'll just have to be quiet." He said as they made their way down the stairs and to the kitchen.

Sam grabbed everything they needed to make two sandwiches and he grabbed two water bottles. Paris rolled her eyes as Sam was quick to dig into his sandwich. "You know, I'm starting to think you're the one who wanted food." Paris said as she sat on the counter top and she looked down at her sandwich with a disgusted face.

She wasn't hungry so she didn't know why Sam was trying to make her eat. Sam looked up at Paris and she quickly smiled as she took a small bite of her sandwich and sat it back down as she slowly started to chew it up, regretting it as soon as she tried to swallow it.

She felt like she was about to throw up so she quickly took a sip of her water to get the taste out of her mouth as Sam started to talk, "So is Quinn going to be okay?" Sam asked Paris as she shrugged her shoulders, not too sure. The doctors weren't saying much to her or Quinn's parents about her situation because they were still running tests on her.

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