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Late Monday afternoon in the small town of Lima, Ohio, Paris Hudson was seen in the parking lot of her old high school with her best friend Victoria Monet and Sam Evans, also known as the man the hit song 'Ghostin' is about. In the video that was released of her, shows the singer having what looked like a panic attack when Monet yelled for someone to get old fling, Sam Evans, who just happened to be the only person to calm the singer down. Close sources say that Paris is safe at home spending much needed time with her friends and family. Prayers for a quick recovery and we hope everything turns out amazing for Paris Hudson, who deserves the world❤️


It was true, Paris spent the rest of the week in her home with her friends and family. Carole flew down to see her daughter while Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, and Victoria also stayed to comfort their friend. By the time Monday came around, Paris felt much better than she had in a while. She was well rested and was happy at where she was at. "I've missed you." Paris said with a bright smile as she hugged the man in front of her. "And this must be Daniel." Paris said as she saw the adorable little baby boy looking at her with curiosity in its eyes. Will Schuester nodded his head as Paris tickled the baby's stomach, making the baby laugh uncontrollably. "Do you want to hold him?" Paris eagerly nodded her head and grabbed the tiny Will Schuester from his hands. "So what brings you here?" Paris asked as she took a seat on her new couch.

Victoria was out grocery shopping since Paris didn't feel like leaving the house and Kurt and Rachel were busy at the High School trying to build a new Glee Club. "Well, when I heard you were back home, I had to come and visit. I would've came sooner but I was so busy coaching Vocal Adrenaline-"

"Wait, what?" Paris asked, cutting her old teacher off. "You're their new coach? How's that going? They'll never be better than us, right?" Paris asked with a smirk on her face as Daniel placed his hands on the girls face, making Paris laugh as she placed her hands over his. "They'll never be better than you all." Will said with a smile as he looked at the girl making faces at his baby who couldn't contain his giggles. "Speaking of, did you know a few of them are also in town? Said they were here to help Rachel and Kurt." Paris was shocked at the news. She hadn't heard from most of anyone from the Glee Club. "I-is Puck here too?" Paris asked with a hopeful tone.

Paris and Pucks relationship was just as complicated as hers and Sam's. He was her first love and her best friend but she hadn't heard from him in years, ever since he joined the Air Force and she got famous. "Yeah he's here. So is Artie, Tina, Quinn, Santana, Brittany, Mike, and Mercedes." The last name brought on a sour taste in Paris' mouth. Of course, she loved the girl but the thought of Mercedes in New York living with Sam made her wish she and Sam has never broke up in the first place. "Actually Rachel just texted me and said they're all at McKinley. I'm sure if you leave now you could catch them." Will said with a smile as Paris nodded her head and stood up

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