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25/Yes No

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25/Yes No

"So, Paris. What's the deal with you and Sam? You've been stealing glances in the choir room and you still haven't told us what happened over summer vacation." Tina said to the girl as all the girls in Glee took a seat around Paris as they impatiently waited for an answer.

Paris lightly smiled at all the memories she and Sam had shared over the summer. Although it had ended badly, it wasn't always so terrible. The two had been in love, even if they wouldn't admit it to anyone.

Paris sighed as she looked around everyone to see them begging for answers and she let out a huff, "Okay, okay, okay!" Paris said as she threw her hands up to stop the from continuing to beg. "As you all know, Sam and I spent a lot of time together at the lake." Paris said as a small smile graced her lips and everyone squealed.

"And, we had a fling." Paris said as all the guys in the Glee club took a seat on the bleachers and smiled at the boy. "Hey, tell us everything." Blaine pleaded as they boys nodded their heads  except Finn who couldn't help the thought of his sister and Sam but he listened anyways.

"Yeah dude, give us the specifics." Puck said as he grabbed Sam's hand and kissed it. "It was incredible, guys." Sam said with a large smile as he stood and leaned against the fence, remembering all the fun he had when he was with Paris.

"Summer loving, having a blast" Sam started as he looked down at all his guy friends with smirks. "Summer loving, happened so fast." Paris sung as she looked at Rachel who was practically melting at the seams with all the juicy things Paris had told her.

"I met a girl, crazy for me." Sam sung as the boys laid down in the bleachers and looked up at Sam as he continued to tell them about the things he and Paris had done. "Met a boy, cute as can be. Summer day's drifting away to those in, oh summer nights." Paris sung as the boys looked at Sam as they started to ask more questions.

"Oh well, oh well, oh well oh, uh, tell me more tell me more, did you get very far?" Rory sung him as Roxy stood and walked towards Paris with a smirk, "Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car?" She sung as Paris rolled her eyes and walked away from the girls as they all followed her.

"I saved her life, she nearly drowned." Sam sung as he sat down and leaned against the bleachers with a proud smirk as Paris took a seat back onto a table, "He showed off, splashing around. Summer fling don't mean a thing but uh, oh those summer nights." Paris sung as Santana kicked Rachel, making her knock Paris off the table as she hit the floor with and she turned and glared at the jealous Latina.

"Tell me more, tell me more. But you don't gotta brag." Finn sung as he realized that Sam was talking about his sister. "Tell me more, tell me more, cause he sound like a drag." Kurt sung as he rolled his eyes, not caring about all the talk about Sam Evans.

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