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31/ Dance With Somebody

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31/ Dance With Somebody

"You know what you need?" The voice rung through Paris' ears and she groaned as she sat up from her comfy bed and turned to see Kurt standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. "What?" Paris asked uninterested, hoping he would get the hint and go away but of course, he didn't.

"A makeover. A new you." Kurt said and Paris rolled her eyes as she laid back down and covered herself up. "Go away Kurt, I'm tired." Paris said as she turned her back towards him and closed her eyes. She heard Kurt let out an annoyed huff as she heard him walk away and she smiled to herself knowing she was finally alone again but that was cut short when she heard footsteps again.

"Get up!" Kurt said as he ripped the covers off Paris and threw it on the floor as he started to clap obnoxiously and Paris groaned as she stood up, "Alright, alright, I'm up. You can stop now." Paris said as Kurt smiled at her and walked her towards the bathroom, "Now get in the shower while I pick your outfit out." Kurt said as Paris rolled her eyes but did what he said anyways.

When she got out of the shower, her clothes were laying on the counter along with all of her makeup. She blow dried her hair, put a little bit of makeup on, and put on her outfit. Paris smiled to herself as she looked out the outfit Kurt had picked out.

It was a cute navy blue, pink, and white turtle neck with a matching skirt which Sam had bought for her for Christmas. "Are you ready?" Kurt asked with a large smile as he barged into the bathroom. "Kurt I could've been naked!" Paris said as she smacked his arm and the two left the bathroom and made their way down the steps.

"You look nice." Carole said as she smiled at Paris, "Where are you two going?" Carole asked as she looked away from Paris and turned to Kurt. "I'm taking Paris out for a day of fun, we're going to go get our nails and hair done and then go shopping." Kurt said as Carole nodded her head and reached for her purse to grab something.

"Here, take this." Carole said as she handed Paris her credit card and smiled at the two, "I want you two to go out and have some fun, but not too much fun. Okay?" She joked as Kurt snatched the credit card away from Paris and shoved it in his back pocket. "We'll only spend about $600, now come on Paris." Kurt joked as Carole playfully rolled her eyes and before Paris could process what was happening, she was being shoved out of the house and into Kurt's car.

"Alright, first thing on our list is our hair." Kurt said as he clapped his hands and started the car and drove to the best hair salon in town. When they got there, Paris could tell Kurt was up to something because of the look he had on his face, which wasn't a good sign. "Do you trust me?" Kurt asked, out of the blue as Paris was being sat down in the chair to get her hair done.

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