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24/Hold on to Sixteen

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24/Hold on to Sixteen

Sectionals were finally coming up soon and Paris and the Trouble Tones had been working their asses off. The group hadn't stopped practicing for this competition. They were ready to beat the New Directions and show them what they were missing.

Although Paris and Quinn were on different teams now, the two were finally back to being friends again and the two had been spending the little free time they had together since Puck had been distant lately.

Quinn looked up at the brown headed girl with a smirk as she debated whether or not she should tell her what Puck had told her about Shelby Corcoran. Paris looked up at the girl with a confused face and she sat her drink down, "Okay, what's up with you? You have this look on your face." Paris said and Quinn decided to tell her.

"Okay, I'm going to tell you something that is top secret." Quinn said and Paris playfully rolled her eyes as she leaned in closer to the girl with a smile. "My lips are sealed." She said as Quinn smiled at the girl and looked around the coffee shop before replying.

"Puck told me that him and Shelby were hooking up." Quinn said with a smirk and Paris looked back at the girl shocked, not actually believing what Quinn had been saying. "No way, Puck would never do that." Paris said as Quinn raised her eyebrows at the girl questionably.

Quinn was quick to notice how defense Paris had gotten but she chose to ignore it as she spoke up. "Seriously, P? He's Noah Puckerman, the guy who cheated on you and got me pregnant. I don't think there's anything he wouldn't do at this point." Quinn said as she leaned back in her hair and Paris rolled her eyes at the girl but didn't say anything.

"Well I think it's time for me to head out." Quinn said as grabbed her bag off the ground and the two said their goodbyes. Once Paris saw Quinn exit the place, she let out the breath she was holding and she took a large sip of her coffee.

She didn't know why she was bothered by the fact Puck and Shelby hooked up, it wasn't any of her business, plus, Puck was eighteen so it's legal. Kurt and Blaine saw Paris sitting by herself and they quickly joined her. "Look I know this is going to be awkward but I need someone to rant to and you and Blaine are the only people who listen." Kurt said as he took a seat and Paris laughed.

"Alright then, what's on your mind Kurt?" Paris asked as Kurt let out a large groan and started to speak. "I might as well get used to a life of barista work and summer stock because there is no way I'm getting into NYADA now." Kurt said as Blaine nodded his head and Paris looked between the two shocked as Blaine started to speak.

"If we don't win at Sectionals, I pretty much have nothing to live for." He said and Paris frowned. "Well this is new, I don't think you've ever joined in on Kurt's ranting." Paris joked, hoping to lighten the mood but it didn't work. "New Directions is a mess, and we're gonna lose and I can't to a thing about it because every time I open mouth your brother gives me these looks like, What does he think he's doing? I know what I'm doing." Blaine said as Paris frowned.

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