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36/The New Rachel

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36/The New Rachel

"Do you have everything you need for New York?" Carole Hudson asked her daughter, who was struggling to zip up her suitcase. "For the last time, I have everything I need." Paris said as she turned towards her mother, who had a sad smile on her face. "Mom, I promise you have nothing to worry about, okay?" Paris asked as her mother nodded and Paris pulled her mom into a hug.

"I know, it's just that both of my babies are leaving." Carole said as Paris let go of her mom to see that she was crying, making Paris feel guilty for lying to her. "Mom, me and Finn are going to be fine, I promise." Paris reassured her and Carole nodded her head as she wiped away her tears.

"Alright well I guess I'll drive you to the airport now." Carole said as Paris shook her head no, "Mom, I thought I told you Puck was going to take me there?" Paris asked as Carole frowned at her daughter, "You did tell me that but I was hoping you would've changed your mind." Carole said as the doorbell rang, and Paris knew it was Puck.

"That's him." Paris said, ignoring her mothers comment about going to the airport, and the two helped pack Paris' things down the steps. "You're late." Paris said as she opened the door and Puck gave her an apologetic smile as he picked up some of her suitcases, "Sorry, there was a lot of traffic." Puck said as the two carried their things to Pucks car and Paris said one last goodbye to her mom.

"Are you ready for L.A?" Puck asked with a large smirk as the two got into the car and started to drive, "Oh, you have no idea." Paris said as she turned up the music as she and Puck danced and sung the whole way to the airport.


3 Months Later



Paris was excited to go back to school and see all of the familiar faces she hadn't seen while she was in L.A. with Puck. She didn't even mind when Jacob Ben Israel started to follow her around school with a microphone and camera as soon as she walked through the door, "How does it feel to finally be back to school now that you're even more popular than last year."

Paris smiled at the camera as she grabbed the microphone, "It feels great, glad to be back." Paris said as she made her way down the hallway as Jacob followed closely behind her, still asking her questions. "And now that Rachel Berry is gone, do you think you're going to be the new Rachel?" He asked as Paris stopped walking and turned around with a smirk as she crossed her arms over her chest, "No, I'm going to be way better than her."

And with that, Paris walked away from the boy, leaving him to chase down Tina.

"Paris Hudson, you're needed in Sue Sylvester's office." Paris felt a smile form on her face at the woman's name, she hadn't seen her or her new baby since she left so she wasted no time going to her office. "You wanted to see me?" Paris asked with a smile as she saw Sue holding her little girl.

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