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Spanish class was always uneventful, especially with Will Schuester as the teacher. Sure he could do a hell of a job teaching Glee Club but Spanish just wasn't his thing

Paris sat behind her brother and Puck as she watched the two throw paper wads at the back of Mike Chang's head as she occasionally looked down at her phone to text Kurt back about their plans for after school.

"Regresar," Schue shouted abruptly making Finn stop throwing paper and for Paris to drop her phone in shock at his sudden outburst and to start listening to him, "Who knows what that means?" He asked the class as Paris' arm shot up, already knowing the answer.

She had started to learn Spanish while she was in New York and now she was basically a pro at the language, "To come back." Paris said with a knowing smirk as Schue smiled at the girl and nodded, "That is correct Paris, to come back." He said as he grabbed the crumbled up paper that was in Mike's hand and turned back to the board.

"Now if we're going to put it-" Schue started when Ms. Pillsbury ran into the room looking flustered. "Will it's an emergency." She said in a serious tone and Paris rolled her eyes as Will ran out of the room and Paris groaned, "Well looks like class is over." She said to herself as she exited the room and made her way into the hallway right before the bell rang and everyone filled them.

"Hey!" She heard a familiar voice shout and she turned around quickly only to see Sam bend down and kiss Quinn's cheek and she frowned at the sight. Ever since she told Sam to choose between her or Quinn, the two hadn't talked as much considering he had chosen Quinn.

Paris leaned against her locker as she watched the two. Although she hated him at the moment, a little part of her felt bad for him considering Quinn had cheated on him and told him that she didn't kiss him she just, "saved his life". She couldn't believe how naive he was being.

She watched Quinn leave and once she did, she decided to approach him. "Well, well, well," Paris said with a smirk and his eyes trailed towards Paris, not sure what to say. "You know, you must be pretty gullible to fall for something as stupid as choking on a gum ball." She said as she patted his shoulder and he shook his head and glared at the girl.

"Sorry Paris but Quinn is my girlfriend and I believe what she told me." He said as Paris laughed at the boy. "You know, I felt sorry for you at first but now, I don't know how to feel I'm sorry Sam but when this all blows up in your face and you have no one, don't come running back to me. I gave you a chance and you blew it." She said with a stern expression as she turned and walked away from the boy, heading straight for her next class.


"Did you hear the news?" Sue asked Paris with a smile on her face and Paris shook her head cautiously. Ever since she, Brittany, Quinn and Santana quit the Cheerios, Sue hadn't been the same. Not to mention her little break down she had in the hallway where she threw Tina into the lockers.

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