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11/Silly Love Songs

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11/Silly Love Songs

It had been a few weeks and Paris and Sam were still hooking up behind Quinn's back, Britt, Santana, Quinn and Paris had quit the cheerios, and Finn and Rachel had officially broken up.

To say the least, a lot can happen in a short amount of time.

"Are you even listening to me?" Rachel asked the girl in front of her that was staring off into space-- or more specifically, staring off at Sam Evans. It took a few seconds for Paris to realized that Rachel was indeed, talking to her and when she turned to Rachel, she was about to apologize when Rachel lifted her hand up to stop her from talking.

"Did I just see you and Sam making googly eyes at each other?" Rachel asked with wide eyes and Paris forced out a fake laugh as she shook her head no, "Yeah right Rachel-" she said as the bell rang and she latched onto Rachel's wrist, "We have class to attend to so come on" Paris said as she dragged the girl towards the Glee room and the two took a seat towards the back.

"All right, guys." Will said as he drew a red heart around the word love. "I have one word for you. - Brittany." He said as he watched the girls arm shoot up. "Is it love?" She asked and Will shook his head yes which made Britt lift her arms in excitement, "I'm totally gonna graduate now!"

"Valentine's Day is comin' up, so for this week's lesson I want you guys to pick a partner because you're gonna sing to them what you think is the world's greatest love song." Will said as Paris looked towards Sam to see that he was already staring at her but that was short lived when Quinn grabbed his attention. "Find a song that communicates all the things that love means to you. Now, partner up."

"Mr. Schue? Can I say something?" Finn asked as he quickly stood up, "I just wanted to point out that, for the first time an entire week has gone by without any one of us getting Slusheed." Paris rolled her eyes at her brother, she knew where he was going with this conversation. It had been all he had talked about when they were at home.

"I think the fact that I led the football team to a conference championship might have something to do with it." He said cockily and everyone in the room rolled their eyes at his confidence. "Fact is that I'm the closest thing that this Glee Club has to a celebrity right now and, just like a famous athlete, I wanna give to a charity, you guys. So I'm setting up a kissing booth for a dollar a smooch and donating the proceeds to Glee Club to help us"

"Don't even act like you're trying to help this Glee Club out. You just want to kiss a bunch of girls." Paris said to her brother and Rachel nodded her head, agreeing with the girl as Santana began to talk. "I've kissed Finn, and can I just say, not worth a buck. I would, however, pay $100 to jiggle one of his man boobs." Santana said.

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