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30/ Saturday Night Glee-ver

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30/ Saturday Night Glee-ver

Paris groaned as she felt a sharp pain in her forehead and she slowly lifted her arm up to touch the spot but a needle in her arm had stopped her from doing so. She looked around confused as foggy memories played in her head and she slowly started to remember what had happened.

Paris remembered going to the bathroom, feeling as if she were about to throw up, only to end up feeling light headed and blacking out. She guessed she had hit her head on the sink as she fell to the ground.

"You're awake!" She heard her Mother's voice cry as she looked up to see her Mom with tears in her eyes as she went to give Paris a hug. "Honey go get the doctor, she's up." She told Burt who was still half asleep but still listened to Carole as he stood and ran out of the hospital room and shortly after coming back with a doctor.

"Paris, glad to see you're awake." The doctor said as he started to write stuff down on his clipboard and Paris grew nervous, wondering what he could've been writing considering he hadn't even been in the room for ten seconds.

"Mom where's Finn and Kurt and S-" Paris eyes widened as his name almost slipped out of her mouth and she began to panic. What did Sam think happened? Did he know that she was starving herself? Did he even care?

Carole noticed how distraught and worried she looked so she gave her daughter and assuring smile as she began to rub her back. "All three of the boys are in the waiting room passed out." Carole said as a nurse walked in and started to check her vitals and all that while the doctor talked to her mom and Burt.

"Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. It looks like she had only been doing it for a week or so but I looked over her file and I see that she's been in the hospital for the same reason a few years ago-" The doctor started to say but Paris completely zoned out as she started to remember the first time she had starved herself.

"Paris?" at the sound of her name, she turned to see the doctor and her Mom looking at her with a sad smile. "We're going to need you to eat this." The Doctor said as a woman walked in with a tray of hospital food and Paris grimaced at the sight.

"Is there anything else I could have? Maybe a salad or something?" Paris asked as she watched the green jello on her plate jiggle around and the Doctor ignored her comment as he walked out of the room and Paris looked up at her mom who had tears in her eyes as she wondered why her daughter had started to starve herself again.

"Mom, I'm okay." Paris said with a sad smile s Carole broke down into tears. "No you're not." She cried as she walked closer to Paris and wrapped her arms around her daughter and Paris frowned, she hated seeing her Mom like this, or anyone really. "Mom, it's going to be okay, see." Paris said as she grabbed a spoon and took some green jello and shoved it in her mouth.

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