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37/Britney 2

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37/Britney 2.0

"Paris, can I talk to you?" Will Schuester asked the girl who was at her locker, grabbing her things for her math class. "Uh, yeah sure. What is it Mr. Schue?" Paris asked as she shut her locker and turned towards the man with a smile on her face. "You know Jake, right?" Will asked the girl, already knowing the answer.

Paris raised her eyebrows at the man in front of her, wondering where he was going with this conversation, "Well, I recently found out that his brother is someone you know very well and are very close with." Will said as Paris looked at him confused as she tried to figure out who Jake's brother is. "I don't think I do Mr. Schue but I really need to get to class." Paris said as she started to walk down the hall.

"Wait!" Will said as Paris stopped in her tracks and turned towards her teacher. "Look, I'm not supposed to say anything but Jake is Pucks brother." Will said as Paris' eyes widened and it hit her. No wonder Jake looked so familiar to her at the auditions. "Wait, does Puck know that he has a brother?" Paris asked but by the looks of Will Schuester's expression, she already knew the answer.

"Don't say anything to Puck, please. I just wanted to tell you because I want to know if you would help him. He hasn't been going to any of his classes and he doesn't have any friends I-" Paris shook her head and scoffed. "Mr. Schue, you can't ask me to do that, Puck should know he has a brother and besides, how am I supposed to help someone who doesn't want to be helped?" Paris asked as she started to walk away and Will frowned at the girl.

"You helped Puck when he didn't want to be helped." He said loud enough for Paris to hear him as he turned around and walked away, hoping Paris would come around.

Paris quickly pulled out her phone out and dialed Puck's number, ready to call him and tell him that he has a brother but something in her made her put her phone back in her pocket and let out a long and stressed sigh as she walked into her math class.


"Great news guys! Figgins has asked us to perform at the annual back-to-school pep rally this week. Now I understand our National Champion street cred has dropped a little bit since school started but this is our chance to really wow them and get it back." Will said as Paris sat in her seat in the back, not listening to what was going on because she was still thinking about if she should or shouldn't call Puck and tell him he has a brother.

"And what are we going to perform?"

"Good question." Will said as he walked towards the white board as he continued to speak, "We're a family in here, and when one of our family is falling down, it's up to us to get together and pick them back up." Will said as he started to write something on the board as everyone looked towards the sad Brittany who had just got kicked off the Cheerios.

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