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"Glad to have you back sis" Finn said giving Paris a big hug as he squeezed her as hard as he could making her let out a groan.

She was so happy to be back where she had belonged, boarding school was terrible and she had no idea why she wanted to go, but Paris was back now and couldn't wait to see all her friends.

"Oh honey I've missed you" her mom said as she pushed Finn off of her only daughter and gave her a hug taking the breath out of Paris.

"Oh mom, I've missed you too but can we please go, I'm super tired" Carole gave her a daughter a big smile and wiped the tears away as the three made their way to the exit of the airport doors.

"I call shot gun" Paris yelled as she looked at Finn who only smirked at her and took off to the car that Paris knew no idea where it was but she still chased her brother.

Carole only watched her childish kids with a small smile as she slowly walked her way to the car that was the total opposite of the way they were going.


"You ready to go P?" Finn asked as he popped his head into his sister's room hoping he wouldn't see anything.

"Uh yeah, how do I look?" Paris asked as she walked out of her bathroom and showed him her outfit she had picked out.

"You look great but don't you think it's a little too short?" He asked as he saw the black skirt she was wearing but she only shrugged and grabbed her pink Chanel bag and the two walked downstairs.

"Awe my babies look good" their mom said as she saw the two walk down the stairs making the two smile at their mom and continue down the stairs.

"Oh my god that hand bag is too die for and holy those legs in that skirt" she heard as Kurt popped out taking Paris by surprise.

"Thank you Kurt, at least somebody knows a good outfit when they see one" Paris said glaring at her brother jokingly.

"Hey! I just said that the skirt was too short" Finn said throwing his hands up in defence making Paris laugh.

"Finn, I'm just kidding" she said adding a laugh to show him that she was.

"Well we don't want you all to be late on your first day back would we?" Carole said as she walked towards the front door and opened it for the three.

"Alright bye I love you mom!" Paris said kissing her cheek and walking outside to Finn's beat up red truck and gladly got in with a big smile on her face, "God I missed this truck"

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