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23/Mash Off

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23/Mash Off

"What are you doing here?" Rachel asked the Troubletones as everyone made their way towards one another. "Shelby said she has something to show us, what are you doing here?" Paris asked as she side eyed the New Directions as they got closer to one another.

"Mr. Schue said the same thing." Finn said as he looked at her sister and she rolled her eyes at him as Santana stepped forward, "Oh, let me guess, he wants to combine Choirs for sectionals." She said in a monotone voice as everyone started to shake their head and Santana continued to speak. "Well it's not going to happen, the Trouble Tones are here to stay. So why don't you shuffle your busted Choir off our stage."

"Look, you guys, we can compete without being enemies, alright? We don't have to get vicious." Finn said, trying to make piece with the group, but they weren't having. "Oh, I think we do, soft serve." Santana said as Paris stepped forward to where she was standing beside the Latina and she crossed her arms and Santana continued to speak. 

"See the Trouble Tones are three F, fierce, femme, and phenomenal." Santana said as Paris looked at Santana confused, "Phenomenal starts with a P, Santana." Paris whispered as Santana rolled her eyes, ignoring her comment and she turned towards the rest of the Troubletones with a fake worried expression.

"Oh, and guys, hurry up and go get some moist towels. We have to get Finn wet before we can roll him back in the sea." Santana said as Paris rolled her eyes at her lame attempt to fat shame her brother and Rachel stepped forward with an annoyed expression, "Okay, you know what Santana? Finn is in great shape and your meanness only highlights your own personal insecurities." 

"And Rachel, your mustache is thicker than a Middle Eastern dictators." Paris said with a smirk as she heard a guitar start to play and she, along with everyone else, turned to see Mr. Schue walking towards the group as Ms.. Corcoran started to sing You and I by Lady Gaga. "Is this what having a stroke feels like because I like it." Britt said as Mr. Schue started to sing Just You and I by Eddie Rabbitt and Paris already knew what was going on, Mashup week.

As they continued to sing, Paris looked towards Puck to see that he had his eyes on Shelby and she frowned as she looked away as Santana nudged her shoulder and the two took a seat on the floor as the two continued to sing the songs. As it came to a close, everyone clapped and Rachel started to speak, "M. Schue, Shelby, I think we can all admit that was weirdly amazing but what exactly was the point?"

"That sometimes bringing together two conflicted things," He said as he emphasized on the word conflicting and he looked between the two groups as he continued to speak, "Can create something totally unexpected." He said as Mercedes rolled her eyes and groaned at the man.

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