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39/ Dynamic Duets

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39/ Dynamic Duets

Two weeks had passed and everything was finally back to normal. Everyone had forgotten that the Justin Bieber had tweeted Paris singing his song and the Glee Club had finished the production of Grease the Musical, even with Mr. Schuester away in Washington. "What in the hell." Paris said as she watched a group of people in costumes running into the Glee room and in curiosity, she followed them. "Guys, what the hell is going on?" Paris asked the group which mostly consisted of the New Directions.

"Someone took your Nationals trophy and left that laptop in its place." Tina's assistant said as everyone turned towards the laptop that sat on a stool that read. 'PRESS PLAY'. "Who leaves a laptop?" Artie asked, making Paris looked at the boy who had a bald cap on, and she shrugged her shoulders. "Someone rich, someone who wanted to send us a message." Blaine said as everyone continued to stare at the laptop, making Paris roll her eyes as she pushed her way through all the superheroes, ready to push play.

In the video, a chair quickly spun around as a guy with a Warblers blazer on and a blurred-out face held our trophy in their hands. "Greetings New Directions." The person spoke in an edited voice that was made to sound deep, "You have been living as National Champions on borrowed time, and that ends now." The guy said as he began to stroke the trophy, making Paris cringe at the sight. "We have your trophy, soon we'll have your title as well. The great reckoning is at hand, Sectionals. Your move." The video ended with static as the group of superheroes began to mumble things, leaving Paris to her thoughts.

Paris didn't know why, but the boy in the video seemed familiar. She knew it wasn't Sebastian because the Warblers had a new leader, but that didn't stop her from texting him. She pulled out her phone and began to type a message to Sebastian as Blaine tried to calm everyone in the room down, "Who are you texting?" A voice behind her asked, making her jump at the sudden noise. When she turned around, she found Sam Evans smiling at her – that is until he looked down to see the name Seb with a heart beside it.

Paris slowly locked her phone, not sending a text, as she slid it in her back pocket. "I-I have to go." Paris said as she quickly left the room only to see her brother breaking up a fight between Ryder and Jake, no doubt it was over Marley, who stood beside the two boys yelling at them to stop. "I persuade you to stop fighting immediately." Tina said as she lifted her arms as if she were about to karate chop someone and Becky came up behind her with a water gun pointed at the two, "Freeze bitches!"

"Thanks Becky." He said as he turned away from the girl to look at Jake and Ryder, "Both of you guys, Glee Club in twenty minutes." Finn said with a heavy sigh as he walked off, making Paris chase after him. "Wait! Finn!" Paris shouted at her long-legged brother who finally slowed down. "What's wrong with you? You seem anxious." Paris said as she looked up to see the boy sweating as he held an unreadable expression on his face. "Nothing. Just be in Glee Club in twenty minutes." He said as he picked up his pace again, leaving his sister behind as he went into the teacher's bathroom.

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