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Before you read, I just wanted to say that Jesse is still going to be in high school in my book because it works better for the story. Some people were messaging me about it and I just wanted to clear that up. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this part!

 Anyways, I hope you enjoy this part!

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17/Prom Queen

"I've been to Ann Taylor Loft, Filene's Basement, and like six Forever 21's and I can not find a dress that fits me. I'm going to be forced to make my own dress for prom." A stressed out Lauren said as she, Paris, Britt, and Santana walked into the Glee room.

"Don't you'll seem poor." Britt said to the girl as Santana nodded and took a seat besdie the girl. "You're up for queen, you can't make your own prom dress." She said as Paris nodded her head, agreeing with the two girls, "Prom is like our oscars. It is one of the most important night in a teenage girls life." Paris said as Lauren looked at the three girls.

"What about getting married?" Lauren asked as Quinn leaned down with a small laugh, "Oh you can get married as many times as you want. You only have one shot at your junior prom." Quinn said as Mercedes entered the room.

"What are you guys talking about?" She asked as she took a seat and Lauren crossed her arms, "Prom dresses." She said and Mercedes lightly scoffed at the girls, "Thank God I don't have to worry about that, I'm not going." She said as Kurt finally butted into the conversation he had been dying to since he stepped his first foot into the class.

"Why not?" He asked as everyone was now looking at her, "Because nobody's asked me." She said as Will walked into the room, writing 'PROM' on the board, "Alright guys, prom." He said as Sam groaned.

"Please tell me we're not doing songs about prom." He said as Will looked at him with a smile, "Nope, we are the prom. Figgins asked us to perform." He said as Rachel quickly lifted her finger, telling everyone her idea, "Let's do Run Joey Run." She said as Paris looked at the girl and shook her head.

"Now, I know this isn't ideal with Nationals coming up, but we really don't have a choice. And, we could really use the money." He said as he grabbed his stool and took a seat, "But I know that prom is a special rite of passage. I want to make sure that all of you guys get a chance to enjoy the dance, too. So we're gonna stag at the performances so that each and every one of you has a lot of time to dance with your dates." Will said with a cheeky smile as Mercedes frowned.

"Excuse me." She said as she stood up and walked out of the room and Will looked at everyone confused, "Is she okay?" He asked as Quinn looked at him, "Mercedes doesnt have a date for prom." Quinn said as Brittany shrugged her shoulders.

"So? I dont have a date, I'm just going to the dance and then all of your dates are going to ignore you and come dance with me so, your dates are really my dates." She said as Kurt frowned, "I'm going to go talk to Mercedes." He said but Rachel stopped him, "No let me and Paris." She said as the two girls got up and walked to Mercedes who was at her locker.

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