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20/ The Purple Piano Project

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20/ The Purple Piano Project

To say that Paris Hudson had, by far, the worst summer ever would be an understatement. Not one thing went right for her and she blamed Same Evans, he had ruined not just her summer, but maybe even her whole life. It all started with her finding Sam Evans and Mercedes Jones at Breadstix in a promising position and right after that, Sam left Ohio without a word, leaving Paris heartbroken.

Paris slammed her locker shut, not caring how loud it was and she turned around ready to walk towards Glee Club but a certain boy with a camera interrupted her, "Paris Hudson, I've been looking all over for you." Jacob Ben Israel said to the girl as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and pushed the microphone he held, in her face.

"Now tell me P, how wa-" Paris glared at the boy as she stopped him, "Only my friends call me P, not you." Paris said as she glared at the boy and crossed her arms over her chest as Ben turned towards the camera and started to laugh, "I guess Paris still isn't over her nasty breakup with Sam Evans." He said as he turned back towards Paris and pushed the microphone back into her face.

"Now tell me, Paris, is it true that Mercedes Jones had everything to do with yours and Sam's break up?" He asked as Paris pushed the microphone out of her face and she walked away from the boy so he could go pester someone else with his ridiculous questions. "Hey P." She heard Noah Puckerman's familiar voice say as he approached her and she let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank god it's you!" She said happily as she reached up and gave him a hug, "I feel like I haven't saw you all summer." She said as Puck nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah that's because you were busy with S-" Paris held up her finger, telling him to stop talking and he did and she smiled at him thankfully. "Noah Puckerman, you know we do not mention that godforsaken name, especially when I'm around." Paris said as the two started walked down the hallway again.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He said as he playfully rolled her eyes and Paris caught sight of Mercedes and she couldn't help the hateful glare she threw her way. The girl was walking away from Ben Israel as her boyfriend twirled her and they walked side by side down the hallway and Paris felt her glare turn into a frown. Puck noticed what the girl was looking at and he wrapped his arm around the girl and smiled down at her, "Well if it makes you feel better, you deserved much better." He said as the two reached the Glee Room and Paris smiled up at him as the two went their separate ways.

Paris walked in and stood beside Tina and Brittany as she looked down at all the trophies Glee Club had won and Tina asked the question everyone in the room was wondering, "M. Schue, why are all our trophies in the middle of the room?" She asked as Brittany turned towards Paris with a frown, "I was sure our Nationals trophy would go during the summer," She said as Paris patted the girls back as Mr. Schue started to speak.

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