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4.0 / Duets

"All right, let's, uh let's gather round. Sorry I'm late, guys. I was with Principal Figgins." Mr. Schue said as he walked in and took a seat as well, "Bad news, guys, Puckerman's in juvie." At the sound of Puckerman's name, Finn turned towards his sister to see if she was hurting but she only had a blank expression on her face so he turned back around.

"It really was just a matter of time" Paris heard Tina say and she rolled her eyes at the Asian girl and asked the question everyone wanted to know, "What did he do?"

"He drove his mom's Volvo through the front of a convenience store, and drove off with the ATM" Paris rolled her eyes at the boy, how could he be that stupid?

"A-And when is he getting out?" Rachel asked as she grew nervous, Glee club couldn't afford to loose anymore members, "Unknown" Mr. Schue replied and Paris frowned, sure she didn't like him that much anymore, but she knew him since she was little and she knew he wasn't going to make it in Juvie.

"He might be the dumbest person on this planet, and that's coming from me" the ditzy blonde said and Paris rolled her eyes. She, Santana, Brittany, and Quinn had all grown apart and now she was realising how much the girls were bitches to everyone. "Guys! Let's have some sympathy." Paris said and Finn turned to his sister with a glare. "For a guy who put his needs before the team's?" He asked and Paris rolled her eyes and looked away from him, "We need his voice, and his bad-boy stage presence"

"We can't look at this as a crisis. It's an opportunity." Will said and Finn then turned from Paris back to Mr. Schue and Quinn spoke up, "For what?" She questioned her teacher, "Further embarrassment and humiliation?"

"For welcoming our new member." Will said as he stood up and looked towards the door, "Sam Evans!" He yelled and in came Sam and Paris couldn't help the smile that formed on her face, "There he is"

"How's it going?" The boy waved, "hey, everybody." He shook hands with the teacher, "I'm Sam. Sam I am and I don't like green eggs and ham." His greeting was followed with an awkward silence before Santana looked at Brittany, "oh, wow. He has no game."

"Okay! This is gonna be great" Finn said standing up, "You're not going to regret joining, Sam." He said and Sam looked a little relieved, "Oh, good"

"Sam, sit right here" Finn said but Sam ignored him and walked towards Paris and sat in between her and Quinn and she watched as he turned to Quinn with a smile and then turned to her a gave her a smile too and she couldn't help but frown as he turned to look at Mr. Schue.

"All right, question for the group. What's a duet?" Mr. Schue asked as everyone saw the white board that read 'duets' and Paris hoped she could be partners with Sam. "A blanket" Britt said and Will shook his head no at Brittany. "A duet is when two voices join to become one. Great duets are like a great marriage. The singers complement each other, push each other to be better. Now, some people-" Paris' focus was pulled away from Mr. Schue by Kurt.

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