78 | A Final Confession

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PEACE. CALAMITY. THESE WERE two things that were hard to achieve after a lifetime of adventure. To merely count on her fingers of every quest she had gone on was impossible. No matter how big or small, Indiana considered almost everything she did an adventure. She found life itself to be filled with effervescence.

For the first time in a long time, Indiana was aware. She was alert. For the first time, Indiana Jones knew she was dreaming. She knew she was dreaming when she felt as though her body was floating and her feet had been standing on top of fluffy, white clouds. She slowly took in the sight of her ethereal surroundings. Indiana had dreamt of a place like this before. She always seemed to be dreaming of a safe haven with the ones she loved more than even herself.

The only downside that came with these dreams was that they typically ended with some kind of disaster. Whether it was a monster or the death of everyone she cared for, her dreams now that she was in the Underworld never ended happily.

However, Indiana knew she was dreaming when there was only one detail that stood out. Peter wasn't there, nor was Killian or Snow or anyone for that matter. Indiana was alone.

She merely assumed that she was alone and waited for what she assumed to come. "Perhaps I'll get eaten by a 5-headed beast," Indiana mused as she walked around the familiar haven. "Or maybe I'll get beat up by Peter or even Henry." She laughed to herself, knowing that boy could hardly hurt a fly.

"I can assure you there will be no fights here, Miss." Eyebrows furrowed, Indiana turned around to see a man she did not recognize. Still, he gave her a warm smile that could have fooled anyone into thinking that he and Indiana were old friends. "Hello, Indiana."

Silent, the young woman cautiously observed the man. "This is new," pondered Indiana after a moment. She stalked around the man. "Are you supposed to be something that'll make me cry myself awake?" She paused. "Maybe a grown up Lost Boy? Or the Shadow?" Indiana shivered at the thought of the black silhouette reappearing in her life.

The man chuckled, but shook his head. "I'm afraid you aren't dreaming," the man declared.

"Well, that's preposterous!" Indiana declared stubbornly, throwing her hands in the air. "If I'm not dreaming, then I'm awake, which would mean that I would be in the Underworld right now. As lovely as the Underworld is, it definitely doesn't look as ethereal as whatever this place is. So, if you'd please, just... get on with whatever it is you're about to do to me. I'd like to wake up now."

"Indiana, this is what I call a second chance," the man started to explain as he walked around. "Before you say anything, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zeus."

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