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INDIANA JONES NOSILY LEANED forward against the countertop within Snow White's shared apartment as she attempted to listen in on the mother's conversation with Emma Swan. "What's she saying? How's Henry?" Indiana continuously questioned the ravenette.

"Wait," Snow White paused with raised eyebrows. "Gold's son is Henry's father?"

Indiana's jaw immediately dropped, similar to her reactions whenever she watched something on Netflix. Those plot twists on Grey's Anatomy always got her. "His—Who—Wait—What!?" Indiana stammered in surprise. Snow waved her off, continuing to listen to Emma speak.

"I know, I know, and the millions of questions you have, I have, too," Emma said through the phone once Snow finally put it on speaker. "The problem is it doesn't matter right now because I don't know what to do."

"Please tell me you're not calling to ask me to tell you to keep it from him," Snow White begged.

"Henry thinks his father is dead," Emma replied. "I told him that for a reason. I wanna protect him."

"No matter who this jerk is, Henry has a right to know who his father is," Indiana piped up. "The truth about your parents—I mean, I don't know much about that, but Emma, you of all people should know how important that is."

"Wait—am I on speaker? Never mind that, actually. I don't want Henry to get hurt. I just wanna protect him," Emma told the girls, her voice beginning to break.

"Are you sure this is about protecting Henry and not yourself?" Snow sympathetically quizzed her daughter.



It was a quiet morning on Neverland. There wasn't too much going on, for the Lost Boys were still fast asleep. Boys would still be boys, not matter what realm they were on. They wouldn't pass up an opportunity to sleep in for just a few minutes. On a normal day, Indiana was the same. However, today she had woken up early because there were still parts of Neverland she hadn't seen.

Peter Pan had always been secretive about Neverland. There were things he kept hidden from Indiana, but as far as she knew, it was none of her business anyway. It wasn't like he wasn't going to try to rip someone she loved away from her. No, everyone like that was already dead.

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