68 | An Awfully Big Adventure

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THE SOUND OF BELLS chiming and jingling rang throughout the ears of Indiana Jones as she pushed the door in order to enter Granny's Diner. Or, well, the Blind Witch's Diner. Of all the insane things occurring in Indiana's nonexistent and metaphoric life, adjusting to calling Granny's something other than Granny's was one of the most difficult to swallow. The idea of it refused to be absorbed by her brain.

Days had past since Indiana's last mental breakdown. So much time had past that she wasn't even sure if it had really happened or not. After all, Indiana was sure that even if she weren't sane, she surely would never allow Prince James of all people to comfort her. However, she also knew that her dreams would never create something as preposterous as that. Yet it happened. Aunt Lucy was dead, Liam Jones was dead, and James was, too. Indiana was doomed to eternity with that jackass.

"Hey, sugar," the Blind Witch greeted gleefully as Indiana had a seat at the bar. "Can I get you anything?"

"Yes!" Indiana exclaimed. "Something to do." The woman tilted her head to the side slightly, confused. "I've grown completely and utterly bored of this... purgatory. It's just a replica of a town that's in my past. Sure, to die was an awfully big adventure, but I wasn't planning on making a pitstop afterward. Now, I'm bored."

The Blind Witch was silent, as if thinking of something. While Indiana wasn't actually expecting for the Blind Witch to assist her with her boredom, she was still hopeful—which was a first.

"Ah, so you desire an adventure," summarized the Blind Witch, looking Indiana in the eye. It was a strange thought knowing that the Blind Witch could still see some things despite her current situation. Indiana was unsure if there was some kind of magic behind it or if she was like a dog and could smell out certain people. The thought of it made Indiana curious, but she chose not to ask.

Indiana could sense a presence beside her. "On the contrary, I believe the lady said she wanted something to do," James' voice said. The brunette turned her head to see him. "I believe I can be that something."

"5, 4, 3—" Indiana started to count, only to be interrupted.

"Okay, okay, I'm leaving," James responded. Then, he slipped out of his chair and stalked off to go bother someone else.

Indiana, then, looked back to the Blind Witch. "So do you know how I can satisfy my boredom?" Indiana wondered.

"You know, most people around here are too busy being afraid of everything to be bored," the Witch pointed out. Indiana merely shrugged.

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