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THE FULL MOON'S LIGHT seeped through the delicate tree branches and onto the damp grass. Over the sound of Indiana Jones and her friends' footsteps, there was an automated female voice speaking from the other end of the Savior's cellphone. The voice unremittingly told Emma that she had reached Regina's voicemail. The Evil Queen appeared to be ignoring Emma's calls, which lead the others to believe that something atrocious had happened to her.

"When we find Pan..." Henry started to say to Mr. Gold. "Remember, he's still in my body... so if you have to throw a fireball or something, at least avoid the face." The comment put a very temporary smirk on Indiana's face.

"I'll try my best," Mr. Gold emotionlessly mentioned.

As they all trekked throughout the cemetery together, they eventually arrived at the small building that housed Regina's father's grave. Standing outside of it was Neal, Killian, and Tinker Bell. They seemed to have already been informed of the body switch. The Shadow was still missing, but luckily, the group would be ready for the Shadow when they found it. The odds were in the gang's favor considering they had found the famous coconut.

After getting the door open and making their way into the Evil Queen's vault, an unconscious Regina Mills laying on the ground greeted them. There was no sign of Peter, who was trapped in Henry's body. Rumplestiltskin quickly used his magic to wake her up, which was when Regina wondered, "What happened?"

"Henry," Indiana explained. "Somehow, Peter switched bodies with him."

Regina rubbed her head, ashamed at herself. "And I fell for it," Regina mumbled. "Oh, I wanted to believe what he was saying so badly. I missed all the signs! I-I just... wanted to believe that he still needed me to be his mother!"

"I still do," Henry revealed through Peter's voice. He stood at the back of the crowd, but nonetheless, Regina spotted him instantly. He hurriedly paced forward before embracing his adoptive mother.

"So what exactly did Pan come down here to get?" David curiously wondered, changing the subject. Rumplestiltskin began to look around before a thought emerged in his head.

"Please tell me you didn't keep it down here," Rumplestiltskin begged, turning to see Regina.

"Where else would I keep it?" Regina counteracted vaguely.

"What are you talking about?" Emma wondered while Indiana asked, "Please tell me we're not talking about sex toys."

It was then revealed to them that Peter Pan had stolen the curse that tore everyone from the Enchanted Forest and dropped them to Storybrooke.

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