47 | Second Chances

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INDIANA JONES NARROWED HER ocean-colored eyes at the man sitting across from her. The two had been sitting in almost complete silence for three minutes, simply staring at each other. It seemed as though neither Baelfire nor Indiana had let the fact sink in that the childhood best friends were reunited.

"Favorite color?" Indiana suddenly questioned the man with graying hair.

"Green," Baelfire immediately answered with ease, matching her hard stare. "My mother's name?"

"Milah. My mother's name?" Indiana fired back.

"Trick question. You don't know anything about your mother. You lived with your Aunt Lucy," Neal declared confidently. "Biggest jerk in our village?"

"William," Indiana retorted. "Favorite dish?"

Neal smirked confidently at her. "Hazelnut Soup," Neal said.

Indiana nodded slowly as she leaned back in her seat from within the room Neal was staying in at Granny's Bed and Breakfast. "Alright," Indiana stated. "I believe you. You're the real Baelfire."

"Did you ever really doubt me?" Neal queried.

"Of course," Indiana joked as the door squeaked open. The two looked over to see who had entered the room, only to find Henry running in. "I'll leave you guys to it."

Indiana ruffled Henry's hair and walked over to the Diner. The brunette sat at the counter and casually spoke to Red.

A woman walking into the diner with a box of bagels grabbed Indiana's attention. She arched an eyebrow at the woman, who seemed to instantly walk toward her. "Hi. I'm Tamara," the woman introduced. "Do you happen to know a man named Neal Cassidy?"

Indiana raised her eyebrows. "Oh, yeah," Indiana replied. "I thought I recognized you from the pictures. I'm Indiana. Uh, Neal's room is just around the corner over there. He's the third room on the right, I believe."

Tamara thanked her before walking around the corner. Red leaned against the counter. "She seems nice," Red admitted. "Really nice, actually. I can see why Neal likes her so much."

"Hm, yeah," Indiana hummed in agreement. "She's nice, but no one's that nice unless they're from the Enchanted Forest."

"Maybe so," Red replied as they watched Greg Mendell introduce himself to Regina Mills.

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