10 | Forest Tracking

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"HENRY, I DON'T THINK this is a good idea," Anna James worriedly voiced. Her boss, who was also the Mayor, had specifically ordered Anna to take Henry home where they would be lectured later. However, Henry seemed to have his heart set on helping reunite 'Snow White' with her 'Prince Charming.' "I-I mean... your mom did tell us to go back..." Henry held a flashlight in his hand as he dragged Anna down the street. "I'm not going to convince you to not go, am I?"

The 10-year-old shook his head, content to know that she finally realized the truth. "No way. Not when Operation Cobra is only just getting started," Henry eagerly answered. "You should be excited, too, Anna. You've been missing all the action since you've been studying so much."

Anna hummed at the sound of this. "Okay... Well... Can I... ask you about something, then?" the teenager wondered. Henry nodded. "I've been... having these dreams lately... Ever since Emma came, actually. They're about... those stories you've been going on about."

Henry came to a sudden stop. He looked up at the girl who stood at 5'6" curiously. "Really? What are they about specifically?" Henry wondered. "Maybe they can help me figure out who you are in the book!"

The girl pressed her lips together. Was this really a good idea? Should she even be encouraging him? Anna didn't know. All she wanted to know was why she was having these weird dreams. "Uh, well..." Anna awkwardly began. "The most... prominent ones have been about me and Snow White... except it's not me, me. It's... Indiana Jones."

Henry's eyes widened. "Oh! Of course! How could I have not noticed?" Henry asked himself. "Of course you're Indiana Jones! You're studying Archaeology, just like the alias Indiana Jones made up for herself."

"Say what?"

"I'm actually a little surprised, though," Henry admitted as he started to walk. "You're awkward and quirky. Indiana Jones is outspoken and super cool. But you do share a few personality traits with Indiana, like obsessiveness and stubbornness."

"I am not stubborn!" Anna stubbornly defended. She sighed. "Never mind. I get that. But if you said that all these fairytale characters don't have their memories, then why am I getting mine?"

Anna didn't believe in this whole operation, but if she wanted answers, then she would have to play along.

"Well, when you were with Peter Pan in Neverland, he put a forgetting spell on you because you wanted to forget him. He also wanted you to forget about your brother, Captain Hook," Henry explained. "But not all curses are permanent. Peter Pan wanted you to remember him at some point, so he made it temporary. Then, when you went back to the Enchanted Forest and the Evil Queen cast her curse that involved a forgetting spell, it only added onto the one you were already under. Therefore, it magically morphed to match the spell you were already under. Since it's been so long, it's no surprise that you're starting to remember again."

Anna raised an eyebrow. Maybe I should've just kept it to myself...

"Hey, maybe since Indiana always spent so much time in the forest and tracking people, you'll be able to find John Doe!" Henry cheered.

"I don't—"

Henry suddenly burst into the forest when they arrived outside of it. Anna ran after him as Henry exclaimed, "I can help! I know where he's going!" At first, Anna didn't know who he was talking to. Then she saw Emma and Mary Margaret walking together. "He's looking for you! You're the one who woke him up! You're the last one he saw! He wants to find you."

Mary Margaret stopped in her tracks, spinning around to face him. She pointed her flashlight at the ground and stared at the boy. "Henry, it's not about me. It just—I think he's lost and confused," Mary Margaret assumed. "He's been in a coma for a very long time, Henry."

"But he loves you!" Henry argued. "You need to stop chasing him and let him find you!"

It was then when Emma Swan suddenly decided that enough was enough. "Kid, you need to go home. Where's your mom?" Emma questioned sternly. "I'm guessing Anna couldn't hold you back... Look, she's gonna kill me, and then you two, and then me again."

"She dropped Anna and I at the house, then went right out," Henry easily answered.

"Well, we need to get you back immediately," declared the woman. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and Anna walked ahead of the two.

Anna swatted at the branches flying in her face. "I never liked the forest," Anna voiced. "I mean... what do I look like? Indiana Jones?" She paused. "Actually, don't answer that."

Mary Margaret laughed at this. She stopped to check on Emma and Henry, so Anna continued to walk. She ended up at the Toll Bridge. She looked down at the water before immediately spotting a body laying on the ground.

"Oh, my God!" Anna exclaimed in fear. Graham instantly appeared behind her. The trio caught up to the duo, also noticing the figure laying on the ground. Anna walked over to the body with Graham.

"Is that...?" Anna heard Mary Margaret ask.

"I don't see any visible wounds that could cause this much blood. He has a steady pulse," Anna called out. 'Where is all this coming from? If I saw a dead body, I would run. But here I am...'

"I told you! Indiana Jones is an excellent tracker! Of course you'd be the one to find him!" Henry exclaimed.

"Not now, Henry!"

As if anything else needed to happen, another flashback played in Anna's mind.

Indiana Jones walked throughout the forest in Neverland. She seemed to be looking for something, but it wasn't obvious as to what it was. She was in her own little world. The girl made a sudden and sharp turn before smirking. She looked up at the boy sitting up in a tree.

"Found you, darling," Indiana called out with a playful tone to her voice. She looked down at the boy hiding in the bush near the tree. "You, too, Christopher."

The two little boys came out from where they were previously hiding. The sound of applause filled Indiana's ears. She immediately turned around, smiling. "You never fail to amaze me," a boy with green eyes told Indiana. "How do you always manage to find my Lost Boys?"

Indiana shrugged. "What can I say? I'm an excellent tracker. And besides, the forest is my domain."

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