38 | Squid Ink

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xxxviii. SQUID INK



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"HUH... RUMPLESTILTSKIN'S CELL..." SNOW White trailed off from the inside of the underground dungeon. Mulan reached up and lit the torches that were hung along the wall as they all stood together in a small ground. "I haven't been here since before Regina's Curse. This is where he told us you were going to be the Savior."

Emma did a double take, furrowing her eyebrows together slightly. "He knew?" she wondered in surprise, staring ahead as Mulan and Aurora went ahead.

"Oh, it was prophesized," Indiana corrected, holding up the lantern in her hands. "You know, I've always liked fire."

Snow nervously chuckled. "Come on," Snow stated.

Together, the three girls walked ahead to where Mulan and Aurora stood together. "The Squid Ink... it's not here," Sleeping Beauty revealed.

"Gold said we would find it," Snow confusedly mentioned.

"Well, was there anyone else in here with him?" Mulan interrogated while everyone looked around. "Could they have taken the ink?"

"Mulan, we may be crazy, but we're not that crazy," Indiana declared. "No, he was kept alone. Visitors were forbidden. He was too dangerous to have human contact."

"How'd he keep from going crazy?" Emma wondered.

"He didn't," Aurora stated. Everyone turned to look at her. She stared at a small scroll that was most likely hidden in one of the many crevices in the walls.

"What is it? Is it a message?" Emma wondered.

Nodding, Aurora looked up from the scroll. "Yes," she revealed. "And I think it's for you."

As she began to open up the worn out paper, the blonde wondered, "Why would you think... that...?"

The single name that was written on the scroll seemed to shock not only Emma, but the rest of the group, as well. Emma's name was written repeatedly on the scroll.

For the next hour or so, Indiana Jones and the others searched every inch of Rumplestiltskin's former cell in search of wherever this mysterious squid ink was. Emma, however, was sitting on the ground, confused as to why Rumplestiltskin was so obsessed with her.

Mulan suddenly pulled out a small container, but it was empty. This revealed that there was squid ink in the cell, but there wasn't any more, causing everyone to grow utterly disappointed. Annoyed, Aurora snatched the empty ink container and threw it, hitting the object that would shut the cell.

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