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SOME PEOPLE MAINTAIN AN addiction toward drugs, smoking, or alcohol. Others are obsessed with cleaning or the mere idea of constantly being or doing everything perfect. The dictionary definition of "addiction" was a noun, its meaning being the fact or condition of being dependent on a particular substance, thing, or activity. But what did it mean to be addicted to something? What did it mean to be infatuated with love and adoration for doing or maintaining something? Indiana Jones didn't know the answer to that until now.

It's a bit like being a millennial in the modern age, living his or her life without worrying about curses or evil fairytale characters. Every teenager in this day and age who didn't come straight out of a storybook shares the common factor of loving to binge. If you weren't one of those people, changes were that you knew someone who was. To binge, specifically--in this case--to binge-watch was a common trait that most people of this era share.

Indiana never understood people that were like that, people who purposely chose to lock themselves up all day long to finish watching a show about people and things that weren't really... real, things that were mere fiction. Indiana never understood people, such as Snow White, who used to watch Animal Planet all day everyday throughout the first curse that tackled Storybrooke, Maine. Sure, it was a real channel that showed real things in the real world, but wouldn't it make sense to actually go out and see these things for yourself?

It wasn't until the God of the Underworld gave Indiana a newfound spark of happiness when she finally understood "those kinds of people." For days at a time--no, weeks at a time, Indiana Jones locked herself up in her home and simply watched the lives of her friends. Some called it stalking, but she preferred to call it the fairytale version of Netflix or Hulu.

Despite the fact that Indiana's heart had stopped beating roughly 2-3 years ago, she felt as though she had never left, thanks to this nifty creation. Sometimes she would leave to go grocery shopping, but otherwise, she was holed up in that hidden room, staring into the cauldron for hours at a time. When there wasn't some curse going on, things were a bit boring, but that didn't stop Indiana. She didn't know it at the time, but she was going to lose her mind if she kept going like this.

A knock on the door brought Indiana out of her little faze for the first time in days. She laid there, debating on whether or not she wanted to get up and say hello to the world. She liked her little sanctuary. Things were peaceful. Indiana didn't have to worry about drinking the wrong kind of water or being ditched by her best friend to get laid. Things were the way Indiana liked it for once. Therefore, she left whoever it was waiting at the front door. At the time, she wasn't even watching anything. She was just... laying there. Indiana Jones didn't even know what she was becoming, which was a couch potato.

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