39 | What the Hell is a Taco?

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INDIANA JONES FURROWED HER eyebrows together with the utmost of confusion as she stared down at the objects on the conveyor belt in the grocery store. As the cashier rung up their items, Indiana glanced back at Emma and Henry.

"I don't understand. What the bloody hell is a...a... what did you call it? Taco?" Indiana questioned as Emma gave the cashier her credit card. "What do you do with it? Is it magic?"

"You sure do ask a lot of questions, you know," Emma commented. "It's Mexican food! How could you have lived in the real world for 28 years and not know what a taco is?"

Indiana folded her arms over her chest. "Says the person who doesn't even know how to read Elvish," Indiana fired back defensively. "It's only the most basic language to learn."

As Henry thanked the cashier and took the bags of the ingredients, the trio walked out of the store and headed toward the direction of the apartment. "The only Elvish anything I'm familiar with are the ones that live in the North Pole," Emma declared.

Raising an eyebrow, Indiana and Henry exchanged glances and stopped in their tracks. "Do you still believe in Santa Claus?" Henry wondered suspiciously.

Emma, who had taken a few steps ahead of them, looked back. "Well, I-I... Ah... Oh-Oh, come on!" Emma exclaimed. "You're Indiana freakin' Jones! You came out of a storybook and you're tellin' me it's crazy to believe in Santa Claus?"

The duo erupted in giggles as they started to walk again. "I'm guessing you believe in the Easter Bunny, too, right?" Indiana teased, clearly entertained. "What about the Tooth Fairy?"

Emma shook her head as they walked together in a line. "Oh, definitely not the Tooth Fairy," Emma declared. "She freaks me out."

Indiana and Henry proceeded to laugh loudly. "Oh, my God! You're afraid of the Tooth Fairy!" Indiana exclaimed in disbelief as they entered the elevator in the apartment complex.

"Stop! It's not funny!" Emma cried out. "She's seriously freaky! Who likes a creepy little fairy with a tooth fetish sneaking around their house at night?"

Rolling his eyes and still laughing, Henry turned the doorknob and entered the apartment.  "Hey, guess what? Taco Shells were on sale!" Henry greeted in exclamation.

"Yeah," Emma added while entering the apartment before Indiana. "Apparently, Tacos aren't a big item in the Enchanted—"

She was interrupted by Henry asking, "What are you guys still doing in bed? It's the middle of the afternoon."

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