70 | The Devil's Gift

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lxx. The Devil's Gift



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FOR AS LONG AS Indiana could possibly remember, she was a very, very impatient person. She didn't enjoy being kept to anticipate. Additionally, that also meant that Indiana had grown to be an extremely punctual person. No matter what curse Indiana was kept under—Anna James or not—those were one of the many traits that never seemed to change.

Something Indiana was attempting to do more as of lately was to simply be more forgiving. After all, holding grudged and simply not being accepting of people's apologies was one of the reasons as to why Indiana was so miserable for a good chunk of her life. Therefore, this meant that Indiana was willing to gift people a second chance, perhaps even a third if they were lucky enough.

As the former felon continued to live out her life to the fullest it could possibly get, she was beginning to struggle. She could hardly keep up with day and night at this point—not that it actually mattered. Time didn't necessarily pass in this red-hued world she seemed to be imprisoned in. Time was getting away from Indiana Jones.

And apparently, time seemed to be tearing away from the aggravating Prince James, too. At least, that was what Indiana preferred to assume. See, the two had become surprisingly close in the short time they'd actually spent together (not including their hours of bickering – Indiana was beginning to learn that she really could be a maddening and unendurable person to be around when meeting/befriending someone new).

If anything, James was merely a significantly less tolerable version of Prince David. She would never admit that she preferred the Charming twin over his brother. At least, not to his face. Well, maybe to James', considering Indiana really didn't care about his feelings, especially after what he had been putting her through as of lately.

Every so often, James and Indiana would plan a little hang out, just the two of them. No—they didn't have feelings for one another. They simply enjoyed each other's presence (again, not something they would admit to one another's face).

Though Indiana refused to call him anything more than an acquaintance, James was arguably the closest friend the brunette had in the Underworld. From drinking together and getting in darts competitions, the two did almost everything together.

Days seemed to have glided by since the inciting incident occurred, in which Indiana Jones and her newest mate, James set out to retrieve the Holy Grail. Days had flown by since Indiana also discovered the shocking—but honestly not that surprising—information about the "Holy Grail" truly just being her trustee whip that had been by her side since she was 12-years-old.

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