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A Villainess Should Be Strong by illeannne
A Villainess Should Be Strongby l e a —
"A villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake as an experiment. A trembling voice could be heard far above the lands, high up in...
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A Villain's heart by AcatalepsyEpiphany
A Villain's heartby Seduced by Wanderlust
When death is end... but it was actually just beginning... A broken heart may mend by time, but memories keep hunting her down. Siera Wiseman was transported to a world...
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100 Super Strange Superpowers: Uncommonly Used in Stories by NotSpecified
100 Super Strange Superpowers: NotSpecified
Tired of seeing the same superpowers over and over again? Need new ideas for your heroes and villains? Not quite sure who to cast for your characters? You've come to the...
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➸𝙗𝙡𝙪𝙚 𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙚 || (randall carpio) by _extremely
➸𝙗𝙡𝙪𝙚 𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙚 || (randall 。 . ・ 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐟 ・゜
❝ A tiny butterfly flapping its wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now ❞ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・ ❦♛ the order - netflix series •genre || horror-d...
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Dolly | Suicide squad |updating by cookiecupcakefighter
Dolly | Suicide squad |updatingby クッキー
"I've been a sinner since i was born" Being bad isn't really that hard well in Trinity eyes a.k.a dolly who is certainly one of the most dangerous woman who ca...
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Not That Evil by Firewhisperer13
Not That Evilby Firewhisperer13
Hera was born the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, a cold and vicious woman who shuts out her daughter and has heads adorning her wall. Hera's only friends are the four...
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Deviant by GhostOfTheUchiha
Deviantby Rose’
Imagine that the moment that you were born you were doomed to be hunted down and killed because of a slight genetic mutation. In the future where humans have developed s...
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Devil's Plaything by Astroid
Devil's Playthingby Astrid Allen
Mira, a college Sophomore, interrupts a deal with the Devil. After the demon corners her, she is sure he's going to kill her. But, luckily for her, he is too fascinated...
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The Darcy Effect by Lolalite
The Darcy Effectby Lolalite
Piper Sullivan has a long history of playing devious tricks on unsuspecting boys. She didn't think people noticed, not until a perceptive and equally devious boy comes i...
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A DeadMan's Tale by whoopdie-do
A DeadMan's Taleby (˘︶˘)
No one ever said meeting your soul mate was easy. Originally intended to be a light story but now it's a little heavy. Some of the chapters have mention of things that...
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The Elements of Rage | ✔ by JadeQueen100
The Elements of Rage | ✔by Jade
|COMPLETED| Her name says it all. Rage Falls. A powerful girl with anger issues, she isn't exactly "hero" material. But, despite her flaws, dark past, and shor...
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The Antihero by myloveforwords
The Antiheroby myloveforwords
'I should have been the one to leave, not her' I said truthfully. 'You are right' He tiled his head and kept looking at me. 'Why are you doing this Armaan? Don't you rea...
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My Husband Left Me On An Island by PrincessEmber11
My Husband Left Me On An Islandby Ember
#8 -imperfect #9 -succubus #65 -desire #95 -sea Warning: Very Mature Catarina is a seductress in an era of kings, castles, and pirates. She has to be, in order to surv...
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Who are you? | Peter Parker by EveandV
Who are you? | Peter Parkerby Eve and V
A young teenager; Peter Parker by day and Spiderman by night, bumps into two villains who's aim is to kill tony Stark, the only father figure in his life. After succeedi...
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JESTER 。STEVE ROGERS [1] by overture-
❝ well, the jokes on you, i'm not even a real blonde. ❞ in which the clever clown meets the star spangled man with a plan. BOOK ONE IN THE JUNO MCDONALD SERIES ; MAR...
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Rebirth: Awaken, Milady by illeannne
Rebirth: Awaken, Miladyby l e a —
Aria Schreiner spent 20 years in glory, 8 years in endless torture and pain. Nicknamed the Shadow Queen, she was supposed to die at the age of 28 after losing everything...
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LOVER | Eddie Brock by bonniegcld
LOVER | Eddie Brockby lonely
"i like the way you proved me wrong, you make me believe in love." - in which eddie finds a new girl after his breakup with anne [venom] [eddie brock x oc] [b...
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Brining Out the Bad Girl by lossforwordss
Brining Out the Bad Girlby lossforwordss
"You said no funny business..." I trailed off as he went on kissing my neck. "This isn't funny, I'm being completely serious." Reece stopped with th...
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Unfathomable Cecaniah by Momonoji-Hotokikaji
Unfathomable Cecaniahby Momonoji Hotokikaji
One of Righteous Supervillain Sequels The Story revolves Around the Life of The Legendary Bounty Hunter Whose Goals and Priorities Changes Through Time As the more Sh...
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My King of Darkness (Maven x OC) by ElizabethForslund
My King of Darkness (Maven x OC)by Elizabeth Forslund
Three years after the events of Red Queen, tensions are still stirring in Norta. Newblood Lydia Cross, a conspiracy theorist and reporter just wanted to get though her l...
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