60 | Coming Home

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THE JOLLY ROGER ROCKED back and forth in the ocean blue. The water below was dark, nearly black as it reflected the night sky. The glittering stars mirrored themselves onto the sea. It was like a map from the heavens, made for all of the sailors from all corners of the realms to read them. The moon was full and bright as it sat in the sky, as if it were a spotlight shining down on everything in sight. Henry Mills had finally had his heart returned to his body. Regina Mills joined her son in the Captain's Quarters, tucking him in.

Neal stood on the main deck, holding Pandora's Box in his hands. A red smoke was emitted from it as he released his father from the object. Emma Swan, her parents, and Indiana watched with interest as Rumplestiltskin was freed. They watched the short family reunion. The Dark One asked where Henry was. Neal told him that he was safe. It was clear that Rumplestiltskin had a lot of catching up to do.

Indiana found herself looking down at the wheel on the mast a few moments later. Her fingers rhymically drummed the wood, humming in thought as a memory emerged in her mind.

"This is ridiculous. First, you tell me mermaids are evil, and now you don't even want to teach me how to man a ship!?" young 14-year-old Indiana Jones asked Captain Hook, annoyed.

The pirate chuckled at the girl, thinking of how similar she was to him and Liam Jones. She didn't know who they were though. As far as Indiana knew, Killian Jones and Captain Hook were two completely different things.

"Alright, look," he began. "The last time I tried to teach you, you asked me if P and S stood for Pickles and Sand."

"Pickles, Port, Sand, Starboard," Indiana dismissed. "Same thing." Captain Hook gave the girl a look, causing her to sigh. "Fine. Continue."

The man grinned at her. "That's the spirit, lass!"

"Call me lass one more time and I'll kick your—" Indiana began, but stopped herself when the pirate gave her another look. "—your... lass?"

"I thought I'd find you up here," Killian Jones' voice came from behind Indiana. The brunette turned around to see her brother. "You know what I was just thinking about? Pi—"

"Pickles and Sand?" Indiana interrupted with a giggle. "Yeah, me too. Times were so much simpler back then, weren't they?" She folded her arms over her chest as Killian pulled her closer to his side.

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