29 | A Land Without Magic

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ANNA JAMES RUSHED INTO the Storybrooke Hospital with tears in her eyes and worry written on her face in bold letters. She had been one of the first people that were called after Henry Mills suddenly collapsed. She burst through the doors, spotting Doctor Whale consulting Emma with her son on the bed between them.

One of the nurses attempted to hold Anna back, but the glare she gave the nurse was one of the nastiest she had ever seen. The nurse instantly retreated away as Emma held up an apple turnover that sat in a plastic bag. "He ate this. I think it's poisoned," Emma said.

Flashing some light into the opening of his mouth, Doctor Whale responded with, "His airway's clear. Did he vomit? Any convulsion or disorientation?"

"He took a bite of this, and then he just collapsed!" Emma exclaimed for the hundredth time. "So run the test for arsenic or bleach or Drano or whatever could've done this to him!"

"The boy is showing no symptoms that would suggest Neurotoxins, so whatever's going on, this is not the culprit!" Doctor Whale snapped, causing the worry lines to grow deeper on Anna's face.

"Then run him up to CT! He probably hit his head when he fell," Anna hissed, reciting something she had heard on the show Grey's Anatomy.

Doctor Whale turned around and strolled over to one of the machines. "Right now, we just need to stabilize him," Doctor Whale declared while putting on a pair of rubber gloves. "Cause he's slipping away. Is there anything else that you can remember, any little detail?"

"She told you everything already! Do something!" Anna snapped, pulling Emma back in order to stop her from yelling anything else at the man. She watched as Emma walked away and began to empty out Henry's bag.

"Look, I understand you're frustrated, Miss James, but I need something to treat. Right now, there is no explanation," Doctor Whale stated. "It's like..."

"Magic," Emma whispered, picking up Henry's storybook as memories began to flash throughout her head. As Emma realized the truth, Regina went running into the room. Emma turned to face her. "You did this."

The woman spun around and grabbed Regina by the arm and shoved her into the Janitor's Closet. Anna was too busy consulting with Doctor Whale to even notice. She didn't notice them run out of the hospital to confront Mr. Gold (better known as Rumplestiltskin). She didn't notice Emma walk back in, either.

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