53 | Reunions

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An unrelenting misery of a headache was just the thing to pull Indiana Jones right out of her unconscious state. The desert overtook her mouth, only adding to her annoyed and cranky state. All she wanted to do was curl up in a little ball and go back to sleep once again. She would have done thing if her limbs didn't feel so heavy and unresponsive.

Slowly, Indiana peeled her eyes open as her memories flooded her mind. It felt as if shards of glass were poking at the backs of her eyeballs. Indiana clenched her jaw, knowing that she had given in and fallen unconscious. She knew that if she fell asleep, she would be more vulnerable to the Shadow's doings. But the thing was... why didn't the Shadow kill Indiana when it had the chance?

It made no sense to the girl. She knew it despised her more than anything to ever set foot on this island, including filthy pirates. Yet it still let Indiana live. Why?

Indiana didn't have a lot of time to think about it, for she heard voices, voices that didn't belong to just any Lost Boy. "The ridge is just a few hundred paces up ahead," the first voice said. It belonged to a man.

"You really think we're gonna be able to see Pan's hideout?" another wondered. This one was shrilling and rather annoying, especially to Indiana's headache.

"From there, we should be able to see everything, including where he's keeping your son," the man's voice confirmed again. Indiana narrowed her eyes and slowly rose, despite how much her body hated her for it.

As Indiana reached for the knife that was hidden on her person, a new voice spoke out. "You know, I could have just poofed us up here in an instant," she said. The rustling in the leaves as they moved closer to her made Indiana tighten her grip on her weapon.

Indiana felt as though she should recognize these voices, but her headache seemed to be blocking her train of thought. All she could think of was to attack.

"Where? Have you any ideas of what's up here or anywhere? There are dangers all about," the man informatively replied. "Only I can guide us past them."

Narrowing her eyes at the direction the voices came from, Indiana prepared herself as bodies appeared from behind the plants. She locked her jaw, her mind only on the Shadow. "Well slap my ass and call me Susan," Indiana breathed as the faces of David Nolan, Killian Jones, Regina Mills, Snow White, and Emma Swan appeared a few feet away from her. "Is that really the best you can do, Shadow?"

The group exchanged confused glances. "Indiana...? Is it truly you?" David wondered as he started to walk forward

Emma stopped him, saying, "Wait. It could be the Shadow trying to use reverse psychology on us."

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