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INDIANA Jones released a small groan in annoyance while rolling over on her side in hopes that whomever was trying to wake her up would walk away. She had finally gotten used to sleep on the hard, dirt-covered ground without a tent, pillow, or blanket. All she had was a small patch of grass to use as support under her fragile body. As of now, Indiana was getting one of the best nights of sleep she had gotten since she had arrived in Neverland, which was months ago, maybe even years. Indiana wasn't really sure at this point. All she knew was that her mysterious friend, Frankie was helping her keep track of the time that passed them by.

Frankie was a strange one. Not only did he disappear at random, but he also asked a lot of questions. Those questions were specifically about Indiana. If it was anyone else, Indiana most likely wouldn't have told him anything. However, this was the boy who she let almost get killed (or maybe he was already dead and he was really just a ghost. Indiana wasn't sure about that either). She felt bad that she didn't do anything when Peter Pan (questionably) crushed his heart to dust. Therefore, she told him whatever he wanted to know. This ranged from questions about her family, to questions about her hobbies and favorite food.



"Wake up and maybe I won't pour this bucket of water on you."

The brunette's blue-green eyes flew open as those words absorbed in her brain. She forced herself to sit up as she did so, making her feel slightly lightheaded for a few seconds. Indiana looked up to see Peter Pan staring at her with his arms crossed over his chest and his infamous smirk sitting on his lips.

Narrowing her eyes at him, Indiana said, "I don't see any buckets of water. Can I go back to sleep, or does your Royal Annoyance require my special attention?"

All Peter could do was chuckle and roll his eyes at her. It was still dark out, meaning that it was an unreasonable time to be awake. Nonetheless, Peter had woken her up for some reason. Peter usually had his reasons to wake her up, but they varied when it came to level of importance and urgency. The last time he did something like this, it was to test the theory if teenaged girls truly were annoyed when abruptly woken up in the morning. This was proven to be true when Indiana almost successfully slit his throat open with her eyes closed. Almost.

"Gather your belongings. We're going on an adventure," Peter declared, puffing his chest out slightly.

She put on an annoyed facial expression. "I'd rather not."

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