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Once upon a time...
There was an enchanted forest filled
with all the classic characters we know.
Or think we know.

One day,
they found themselves trapped in a
place where all their happy endings
were stolen... our world.
This is how it happened.

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a boy with eyes that sparkled with imagination, joy, and most importantly—life

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ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a boy with eyes that sparkled with imagination, joy, and most importantly—life. His eyes were something that were simply hard to come by, for if you even gazed into them, you would be fooled into believing you were looking at the ocean blue. His eyes were ones that belonged to a boy destined to do something worthwhile. He was a boy that was prophesied to do something that would engrave his name into history books... or fairytale books, at least.

For as long as the boy could remember, he resided on the seas. His earliest memories were composed of staring out at the sporadic seas. It is common for a child to despise something if they are pushed toward it from the very beginning; however, that was not the case for this boy and his elder brother. The brothers loved the ocean. They developed their sea legs before learning the art of walking on normal ground. Something always felt wrong when the two were unable to smell the salt in the atmosphere or hear the roaring waves that never failed to rock the vessel they called their home. It was how the boy's father raised him, his brother, and soon, his baby sister.

Using elation to describe how the boy was feeling was an entire understatement. Though there was an 11-year age gap between the boy and his newly born sister, the boy could not help but feel that they would become closer as the years zoomed by.

All his life, he had been the annoying little brother who was stuck idolizing his big brother. Now, his little sister would mimic this and idolize him for a change! Though, really, it was merely inevitable that his little sister would idolize the eldest brother, as well. Like brother, like sister, after all.

One year later and the now, 12-year-old boy was the one idolizing his little sister. He absolutely adored the little girl who could hardly utter the word "ship" without saying the curse word "shit" instead. Of course, that was not the only reason he adored the girl so much.

His little sister was still technically a newborn, despite the fact that she had been alive for 365 days as of November 4th 1832. She had not yet been exposed to many things. She didn't know what death or the feeling of abandonment meant. She didn't know what it felt like to accidentally slice your finger open or to stub your toe against the leg of a table. She didn't know what it felt to find your soulmate or to experience absolute heartbreak. She had yet to experience new things. She still had the chance to make something of herself. Perhaps that was why her brother was so jealous of her. She was a blank canvas.

T'was a random Thursday evening when things seemed to unexpectedly change. The ship the boy resided on was docked at a village, one the boy could not recognize, which was a rare occasion. After all, he was always traveling and seeing new places that would forever be stamped into his memory. One could only imagine his bafflement when he discovered his father carrying his one-year-old sister off the ship, alone.

"Papa!" the young boy called to his father. The man with messy, dark brown hair froze in his tracks as his son hurriedly joined his side. "Papa, where are we? Why have we stopped here?"

The father stared at his son for a silent moment, thinking of something to say. "Killian," he finally replied, "I didn't realize you were still awake. Why don't you go back to bed and I'll bring you and Liam something sweet from the village?"

Killian stared at his father prior to shifting his gaze back to his little sister, who slept soundlessly in his arms. "Where are you taking her? You were the one who said it was too dangerous to take her out into the villages until she was older," the boy pointed out. His father, Brennan, nodded.

"Yes, my son, it is too dangerous for your sister," Brennan confirmed. "It is too dangerous for her to live with us, so I've decided to take her to your aunt's home where she'll grow up in a safe environment. You'll understand once you're older."

"What? But—"

"Killian, I've made up my mind. You'll understand when you're older," repeated Brennan.

"How much older? You can't just take her!" opposed Killian, more puzzled than furious. Why would his father suddenly do this? It didn't make any sense. "Why are you doing this?"

Rather than answering his son, Brennan sternly ordered, "Say goodbye to your sister, Killian."

Killian was silent. Brennan wasn't acting like himself, and his son could tell. Something was off about Brennan. "But—" Killian had attempted to oppose once more.

"Now, Killian," interjected Brennan again.

With an unhappy sigh, Killian peered down at his sister. He pitied her, for she was just a baby and was completely unaware of how her life was about to change forever. Killian kissed the top of her head and mumbled, "Bye-bye, baby sister."

With that, Brennan walked away, leaving his younger son on the ship. He walked and he walked before stumbling upon a familiar home that he had only visited once or twice in the past decade. Before Brennan could so much as knock on her door, a woman with facial features similar to his own emerged in the doorway.

"Brennan," greeted the woman, "Hello." She stared at her little brother, wearing that same, tired expression that Brennan often adorned himself with. "I got your letter. I've been expecting you. Come in."

"I'm afraid I can't," Brennan declined as he rocked his daughter. "My ship leaves soon."

The woman rolled her eyes. "You and your love for the sea," she muttered with disapproval. "I don't understand how you can eat fish everyday and still be happy living that life."

"Just because you are the only one in our family who dislikes the sea doesn't mean you have to be bitter about it, Lucy," Brennan easily responded. "Now, here she is. I left a letter explaining why I left her here, but I advise giving it to her when she's old enough to understand. I have to go soon. The people taking Killian and Liam should be arriving soon with the money."

Lucy couldn't help but scowl, now holding her niece in her arms. "You truly are a shitty father. I don't care enough to ask why you're doing this. Just hope that your poor daughter doesn't end up like you."

"I don't have the heart to sell off my only daughter, Lu. You know that," Brennan reminded her, rubbing his temples.

"I'm finding it hard to believe that you possess a heart in the first place," Lucy shot back. "I never imagined seeing you again under these circumstances."

"Alright, Lu," said Brennan, irritated. "It was nice catching up with you. Be safe."

She released a sigh. "Be safe, brother. It was nice seeing you, I suppose," Lucy told him, observing as he turned to walk away. She glimpsed down at the note quickly before calling out once more, "Wait! What's her name? You never wrote it down."

Brennan stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder.

"Indiana. Indiana Jones."



hello! okay so i was thinking and i thought it would be fun to throw "indiana jones" into once upon a time, just with a twist. i'll be referencing the original indiana jones throughout the story, but she will overall be my character. i do not own anything but this plot and my version of Indiana Jones. i hope you guys enjoy :)

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