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"DO YOU THINK WE'LL be cold where we're going, or warm?" Henry Mills curiously asked his Nanny as she folded the boy's coat for him.

"Hm, well, layers aren't a bad idea," Indiana Jones opinionated with a small shrug while handing off the coat to the boy.

It was time for Henry Mills to join his biological mother and Rumplestiltskin to search for Baelfire. Indiana was worriedly putting things together for the boy, stressing over the fact that this would be his first time leaving Storybrooke since he sought out his real mother.

"I thought the terms of our agreement were quite clear," Mr. Gold admitted with furrowed eyebrows. He looked over at Emma. "You owe me a favor—you alone."

"I'm not leaving Henry here with Cora and Anna's big brother lurking about, so either we both go or we both stay," Emma declared stubbornly.

Rumplestiltskin stared at her for a moment, pondering to himself before saying, "Then, we'll have to purchase another plane ticket, won't we?"

"Wait, you're flying?" Indiana demanded, her eyes widening.

"Don't worry. I'm covering expenses, even the new ones," Rumplestiltskin told the teenager.

"You're a real gentleman, aren't you?" Charming sarcastically asked, making his way down the stairs within his shared apartment. He handed Emma another bag she had packed. He proceeded to talk to Mr. Gold while Indiana crouched in front of Henry.

"Okay, um, don't talk to strangers, listen to your mother, and call me every single day, got it?" Indiana listed sternly.

Henry saluted to her like a boy scout would to his troop leader. "Don't worry, Anna," he told her, rather excited to be flying. "I'll be fine!"

"I know, but I won't be able to protect you while you're out there," Indiana pointed out. "Let's see... what else? Oh! Don't trust those flight attendants."

Raising his eyebrows, Henry stated, "Maybe I shouldn't have shown you all those conspiracy theory videos."

"Look, all I'm saying is that Amelia Earhart didn't die that day," Indiana innocently opinionated, holding her hands up. "Oh, and don't get me started on those positions they make you do during an emergency landing."

"You don't really believe those, do you?" Henry wondered in amusement, more entertained than afraid of those theories being true.

"You're asking a fairytale character if I believe in conspiracy theories?" Indiana deadpanned.

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