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A KIND OF MAGIC ↝ Killian Jones by mcrningstar
A KIND OF MAGIC ↝ Killian Jonesby ミ☆ minttu
❝THIS FLAME THAT BURNS INSIDE OF ME.❞ In which Wilma Barton, with her endless kindness, quirks and loyalty, manages to steal the heart of a pirate. [ONCE UPON...
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Neverland's Little Princess (Peter Pan's Sister) by Someonewhoisnthere
Neverland's Little Princess ( Nelly
The group was surprised with a shocking sight: a girl. A little, blonde girl with striking green eyes, who couldn't of been more than 7. She did not seem lost, more so c...
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The Dreamer: A Once Upon a Time Fan Fiction: by _sarah_beth_
The Dreamer: A Once Upon a Time Sarahbeth
She thought that she had a perfect life, until he came into her life. After the curse was broken by Emma Swan, the Savior, Lillie found herself in the Enchanted Forest a...
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I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) ouat by CelebrityGeek
I Believe (A Killian Jones Story) CelebrityGeek
"This is not the end of me..." I whispered in an attempt to sing one last time, and my hand reached up to press against my loves cheek, damp from his tears. ...
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Arrow 。 Henry Mills [1] by pepperronys
Arrow 。 Henry Mills [1]by 𝓚.
ARROW ━━ ❝ Two hearts that beat one the same. ❞     A 'Soulmate Series' Novel     Once Upon a Time ━ Season 4-5     Henry Mills     © pepperronys     cover by @arpeggi...
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The Darker One// Once Upon A Time by ilikewarmhugs1235
The Darker One// Once Upon A Timeby ilikewarmhugs1235
Reese is the twin sister of the feared, Rumpelstiltskin, and they are both the dark ones. They were unstoppable until Reese was kidnapped; she was gone for centuries...
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Tiger Lily (A Peter Pan Fanfic) by JLawOfficial
Tiger Lily (A Peter Pan Fanfic)by Jackie
Lily is Killian Jones's (aka Captain Hook) fiery daughter. She's spunky, sarcastic, and a talented fighter. Life among pirates has molded her into a formidable adversary...
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Storybrooke's Mikaelson - Killian Jones (Editing) by NattieJM
Storybrooke's Mikaelson - NattieJM
When one of Klaus Mikaelson's daughters decides it time for a trip, many people's lives will never be the same again. Especially the dashing Pirate with a dazzling smile.
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Cheers to Forever, Love. by RaynaIves
Cheers to Forever, Rayna
[This is a Once Upon a Time/The Vampire Diaries crossover *sort of* and an Alternative Universe. It's primarily OUAT, it helps if you've watched TVD, but don't worry, it...
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•Princess { Book 1: Enchanting Chronicles}• by Evangeline_91
•Princess { Book 1: Enchanting Evangeline Weber
A year ago, a young girl was captured by Peter Pan. When a whole year has passed, Nerissa meets Henry, a young boy Pan has taken. All her life, Nerissa has been trying...
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Enchanting ↠ Killian Jones [1] by -beautifuleyes
Enchanting ↠ Killian Jones [1]by -beautifuleyes
"You're an enchanting one, Swan." "Shut up." [once upon a time season two] [book one in Alexa Swan series] HIGHEST PEAKS : #1 in CAPTAINHOOK #2 in K...
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Once Upon A Wonderland~ Killian Jones by merrychristmooose
Once Upon A Wonderland~ Killian Elise
A guarded surgeon with no memory of her life in the Enchanted Forest. A cocky pirate with a heart set on revenge. A world of problems that makes two enemies become unlik...
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The Rich Boy's baby by imakestories
The Rich Boy's babyby imakestories
Emma Swan(28) had a somewhat bad life and she had just gotten out of a relationship of many years and once she got over it (two months later)she goes to a bar. Killian J...
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Smother » Killian Jones by Monrox
Smother » Killian Jonesby kate 🍒
Previously Called Forget Me Not and Saving Grace. ❝In the darkness I will meet my creators and they will all agree, that I'm a suffocator❞ For the past twenty-ei...
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EVERY LITTLE THING ⇀ ( killian jones ) by llunaetic
EVERY LITTLE THING ⇀ ( killian ミ luna
EVERY LITTLE THING- "every little thing she does is magic, everything she does just turns me on." a cold hearted pirate, hellbent on revenge, finds his way to...
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ZEMBLANITY . killian jones by simplyjareau
ZEMBLANITY . killian jonesby Katey
(noun.) The inevitable discovery of what we would rather not know. ➡ In which an abandoned girl realises she had more family than she had ever expected.
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OUAT X Reader - Wicked Love by BerjhawnGideon
OUAT X Reader - Wicked Loveby Berjhawn Gideon
Reader is a normal girl who ends up in Storybrooke and Adopted by Regina becoming her daughter and Henry's sister. After an event that threatens her world she ends up be...
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Free As A Bird • ouat by _lexster2jo_
Free As A Bird • ouatby _lexster2jo_
It only takes one. But what if there were two? I don't own nor do I have any rights to the Once Upon A Time series, just my own characters and plots.
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PORCELAIN ── once upon a time by nevillesIongbottom
PORCELAIN ── once upon a timeby rii
o. PORCELAIN ──' ❝A princess with no heart is a bad combination. . .❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━ FEMALE OC X JEFFERSON ...
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Their Little Wolf by The_Winter_Solider
Their Little Wolfby On Broadway
Adeline Mikaelson is Klaus Mikaelson's eldest daughter.She ran away from home when her father was trying to kill Katherine again and when you wish upon a star something...
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